Republicans have a big problem because there are more 1/6 Kevin McCarthy tapes

Author Jonathan Martin said the Kevin McCarthy tape was just one of many 1/6 Republican tapes they have.


Maddow asked: “So underline it just to be clear. Mr. McCarthy and his office denied him that he said he would call Trump and tell him to step down, you recorded it. We just heard that he actually said it. Today he is also denying that he asked members of his own group, other House Republicans, to revoke their access to social media, did you even tape it?

Martin replied, “That’s correct, and we have a lot more on tape from this period, which is at the highest level of American politics, it’s sensitive, it’s sensitive and the stakes are high. We’ve got it all on tape and it’s going to tell a very big story. different about this period, the one that many people are trying to tell at this moment “.

Republicans could withstand a storm of Kevin McCarthy tapes, but more tapes involving the highest levels of American politics. It will be too much.

Martin and Burns are sending the message to the Republicans if they wish lie and deny like Kevin McCarthy did, they will release the tapes to confirm that they are telling the truth.

It is certain that if a couple of reporters have these tapes, the 1/6 Committee does too.

The problems for the Republican Party are only just beginning. The elected Republicans have refused to cooperate with the 1/6 Committee and the American people are about to find out why.

Tapes and other revelations have the potential to flip the 2022 midterms by November.