Campbell Newman, Diane Demetre and others

Let’s face it, Surfers Paradise is the only place where libertarianism makes sense …

(Image: Diane Demetre / Private Media)

“Ah, you have the passion of the goddess Pele. She is the goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes. She is the creator of these Hawaiian islands.” “Mary spread her arms wide before folding them around her breast in the shape of a watermelon. She tilted her head and looked closely at Cecilia.” You are young and pretty. But more than that, smart and kind. You are as passionate as Pele. I know what you have to do. “

(The island of secrets: a compelling story of love, mystery and hope by Diane Demetre, Liberal Democratic candidate for Moncrieff, Luminosity Publishing)

Nestled in the rolling green spaces of the Gold Coast hinterland, in a mall between Made With Love Bridal, Sugar Me Baby Hair Removal, and Pacifica Trading, the Spaghetti and Jazz Ristorante Italiano and Venue were jumping – with the big and the good.