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The “I’m Not a Journalist” Handshake: Former President Donald Trump appears on Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity at a 2018 election rally.Jeff Roberson / AP

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In case you need to remind yourself that Sean Hannity he is not a journalist as much as a GOP agent with a talk show, look at the messages he was sending to Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff, between the 2020 election and the inauguration of Joe Biden.

On Friday, CNN released a new relationship highlighting texts describing the two men talking about strategies on how to help Trump win the election, encouraging each other to overthrow democracy, affirming their friendship, and when it became clear that Trump should probably have left office, discussing a joint North Carolina real estate firm.

Consider the following exchange on election day:

Meadows: Stress, every vote counts. Go out and vote. on the radio.”

Hannity: Yes sir. on it Anywhere in particular we need a boost. “

Meadows: “Pennsylvania. NC AZ. Nevada.”

Hannity: “Got it. Everywhere.”

The texts illustrate that Hannity initially appeared to believe Trump’s lies that massive election fraud secured Biden’s victory.

On November 29, Hannity wrote: “I had my team digging into the numbers. It is not possible that Biden got these numbers. Simply mathematically impossible. It’s so sad for this country that they can make it in 2020. We need a major breakthrough, a video, something. “

However, he later seemed embittered by the effort. Although Hannity never acknowledged that the evidence of election fraud was, shall we say, lackinghe eventually wrote to Meadows that he was “fed up” with the “mad f’ing” hurting the MAGA case.

None of this should surprise anyone who has watched a few minutes of Hannity’s show or paid attention to various news reports claiming that the host had served as “shadow chief of staffAnd Trump’s confidant, who often engaged the president in late night gossip sessions. But he confirms (again) that the talk show host is essentially a Trump press officer with a highly regarded TV and radio show.

Hannity did not address the lyrics directly. But shortly after the CNN report was published, she established the same card to get out of jail that she plays Every time that he was caught doing something most people would consider a shocking violation of journalistic ethics: claiming to be a “talk show host” and not a journalist.

“I go out of my way to explain what my job is, because a lot of people in the media mafia don’t understand what we do,” Hannity said on Friday. transmission. “Yes, I’m a member of the press … I’m on Fox News Channel, which is a news channel, but I don’t pretend to be a reporter.”

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