Scott Morrison opts for long campaign so he can scare voters off Albo

Scott Morrison has opted for a long election campaign to give himself enough time to scare voters about Anthony Albanese.

(Image: Private Media)
(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

It’s not even close to the longest campaign in recent history, but Scott Morrison is counting on using every day of the six weeks until polling day to wear down Anthony Albanese’s lead.

That ostensibly defies the lesson of long campaigns, which is that over the course of them governments lose votes.

Bob Hawke’s 53-day campaign in 1984 saw a massive Labor lead evaporate and Andrew Peacock revel in the spotlight. Labor ended up losing seats, though it had a substantial buffer. In 2016, while lacking Hawke’s massive polling lead, Malcolm Turnbull was expected to cruise to victory over Bill Shorten over an eight-week campaign. He ended up losing 14 seats.

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