The only job left for Trump that will make him millions of dollars is keeping the “big lie” alive and raising donor money for his reality show campaign for the president. He owes millions of dollars, is the south of countless individuals and organizations, and is the subject of numerous federal and civil investigations. In the era of a corrupt Republican party and reality show, white nationalist electorate, Trump has avoided being indicted and convicted, but justice is getting closer to him.

Throughout history, dangerous automotive rats, dictators and cult leaders come and go. Their lives usually end painfully in shame, dramatic deaths, or in prison. However, along the way, people die, careers are ruined, and countries have struggled to survive the abuses of corruption. Trump broke the laws in full view of the world and so far being president and former president has protected him from prosecution. The name Trump has been trashed in the business world, so now he relies on his gullible supporters and weak Republicans to line his pockets with their donations. The product he is selling is white nationalism, a false message of his support for Christian values ​​and promises that he will never keep the people who need help most. More books have been written about Trump’s corrupt assault on democracy than any other president. Many of these books are written by Republicans, military and moderate Democrats who know, through facts and observations, that Trump is a psychologically unstable and insecure autocrat who hates democracy while elaborating on it. Justice comes from New York, Georgia, Washington DC and numerous other sources. Until the rule of law catches up with him, he will snatch the hundreds of millions of dollars he snatched from his paychecks from voters and shady money donors.
The odds are against Trump escaping legal troubles. His ability to misuse the courts to delay his day in court is what prolonged his arrogant freedom. However, in a court of law with a judge and jury watching and hearing Trump breaking laws on tape and video, the carnival of corruption will end. As long as every corrupt enabler, along with Trump, is not held accountable by the justice system, democracy will continue to suffer.
These claims are facts, not fake news and are easily demonstrable. President Obama has never been investigated for violating the Constitution, attempting to bribe foreign leaders, abusing military and government funds, or not paying taxes. The reality is that there has been no speculation on illegal behavior; he won the Nobel Peace Prize and was elected for a second term. Republicans have abandoned their commitment to conservative American values ​​and the Constitution in support of autocracy, corruption, power, and what representatives on both sides know to be the worst president in US history.
With businesses failing, his debt on the rise, legal fees on the rise and spending hunger, Trump now relies on committed conspiracy theories to entice his followers to send him money. Watching Americans in financial distress give money to a trust fund is both sad and worrying. However, most Americans reject the idea that celebrity hawkers hold high office. THAT’S WHY HE LOST THE 2020 ELECTIONS.