Tshwane moves to repair potholes and reduce backlog

The city of Tshwane claims to have invested 46 million rupees in the modernization of the crushing plant of the Bon Accord quarry Underpass, to function optimally e assist the Municipality in the production and supply of its own material for the construction and maintenance of the roads in the province.

“Managing our crushing plant will help Tshwane accelerate pothole repairs and reduce the current backlog,” Mayor Randall Williams said Tuesday (May 3). The refurbished plant will significantly help us increase the production of hot asphalt so that we can ensure proper road maintenance and pothole repairs throughout the city, “the mayor said.

The city said it will no longer purchase asphalt mix from outside service providers to repair potholes.

“With this plan, the city will produce its own materials for road construction and maintenance. The materials will be further used for the city to produce its own hot-mixed asphalt, ready-mix concrete and build / maintain paved roads, “he said.

Mayor Williams said heavy rains have significantly damaged roads in recent months, following heavy criticism from residents in all areas of the province. “We are pushing to reduce holes in the city, ”he said.

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