Albo and ScoMo face each other and the winner is … the independents of the blue

Three reporters. Two candidates. A moderator. Zero control.

(Image: PrivateMedia)

Last night I heard a couple of old men put on hammer and pincers. Albo and ScoMo. It looked like they were coming to blows. Unusual for Morrison. On Sundays he usually makes his bellow in a church. But it turns out it was all on television!

If you want to see the Channel Nine brawl from the helicopter last night, you could legitimately conclude that it was the sad end point of a decaying two-party political system, and the winner would be … the teal independents. Thanks, ScoMo (and, to a lesser extent, Albo). You are the gift that continues to give to those who want to rejuvenate democracy.

There was a lot of outrage among viewers – well, at least those who use social media – at how messy and out of control it was. Three reporters. Two candidates. A moderator. Zero control.

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