Trump team embraces the “Ultra MAGA” label that Jen Psaki claims President Biden invented on his own –

As we told you beforea very confused president Joe Biden doubled down on the use of “Ultra MAGA” to describe Republicans like the Senator. “Rick Scott of Wisconsin“who continue to support former President Donald Trump…

. . .and apparently he thought Ultra MAGA proponents were just transient or something like that:

“I never expected the ultra MAGA Republicans who now appear to control the Republican Party to be able to control the Republican Party. I never expected that to happen “:

But did the Biden team also not predict that former President Trump would embrace the Ultra MAGA label? Why the Trump team is already selling T-shirts “within hours of Biden’s speech”:

President Biden really has stupid advisors if they thought it was a good idea:

Or maybe he’s not your advisor? The White House press secretary says President Biden invented it himself:

Haven’t these clowns / clowns in chief seen how Trump was able to spin “deplorable”? The same thing will happen now with Ultra MAGA:

And wait. . .

Every Republican will be Ultra MAGA when the Biden team is done with their stupid round:


For the record, Joe biden agrees with ultra-MAGA Sen. “Rick Scott of Wisconsin” that it would be “a good idea” to step down as president

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