One pistol per person is allowed and no military-grade weapons for civilians.

Eleven of the thirteen people killed in the Buffalo, New York mass shooting today were black. Because America is obsessed with guns and a limitless Second Amendment stance, ten people have lost their lives today. Second Amendment Republican extremists support the type of assault weapons used by the 18-year-old white supremacist in the hate crime massacre. Lawmakers like the despicable, self-righteous and immoral Senator Ted Cruz publicly worshiped the Second Amendment to maintain support for the NRA, dark money, and white supremacists. Since the Trump presidency, the Nazis have marched boldly, anti-democratic / fascist groups are in the mainstream, and mass shootings are on the rise. The teenager got these automatic weapons legally. The lack of sensitive gun control regulations is about keeping votes, not saving lives. The only pro-life position Republicans hold is their misleading view of when life begins. They are unwilling to be pro-life regarding victims of gun violence, asylum seekers and the sick / poor who need affordable health care. Conservatives say the Democrats’ goals for gun control are that they want to abolish the Second Amendment. Republicans know how naive their base is, so they use dishonesty to ignite fear to maintain their support. There will be more deaths until Republicans are massively removed from positions of power.

Most white supremacists espouse extreme Christian rhetoric and love assault weapons. The influence of Christian extremism on our politics is a threat to our democracy and contributes to the bigotry that leads to mass shootings. Contemporary Christianity has become as cruel and selfish as the MAGA ideology it advocates. Contrary to the peaceful teachings of Jesus, MAGA evangelicals are hateful towards non-Christians. Not all are Christians. There are other religions, atheists and agnostics. If God created these different people, he must be for diversity. Most of the leaders who support Christian extremists and white supremacists are racists, anti-Semites or misogynists. They care about non-viable fetuses, but they advocate the freedom of every American to get any gun they want so they can kill as many innocent people as they want. If the Supreme Court feels justified in eliminating a woman’s right to abortion, then let’s start a state-by-state movement to restrict gun rights. Doing this would save the lives of people who are fully actualized human beings.

Furthermore, if the Republican party chooses to treat women as unequal to men in reproductive rights, it should initiate a movement to force men to undergo vasectomies to alleviate unwanted pregnancies. Conversely, perhaps vasectomy should be against the law. Doesn’t the use of vasectomy interrupt the natural fertilization process and give men the kind of control over their body and reproductive rights that are taken away from women? If conservatives want women to give birth to a rapist’s or father’s child and be prevented from using contraception, then it is right to remove the similar freedoms afforded to men regarding decisions about when or whether to become parents. These laws on the loss of freedom towards men would be a cruel form of justice, however if the extremist Christian Republican MAGA majority sitting on the Supreme Court wants to discriminate against women, men could be the next demographic group to be targeted by others. branches of the federal government or state courts in the name of equality.

The priority themes contributing to gun violence and the attack on women’s freedoms are racism, misogyny and religious extremism. The federal government, especially Attorney General Merrick Garland and the DOJ, must classify the extremist movement MAGA as an internal terrorist group. It shouldn’t be seen as a radical move. After all, they violently attacked the Capitol, threatened to kill Vice President Mike Pence, tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power of a legitimately elected US president, and are inciting hatred by spreading the lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

Compare this to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, and it’s obvious which group hates democracy.

Published by rebeccasperber