Justin Bieber calls out concert fans for dishonoring the victims of the Buffalo shooting

Hours after 10 people were killed in what authorities described as a racist hate crime at a Tops Friendly store, Bieber took the stage on Saturday and asked the exhausted KeyBank Center crowd to pay their respects to those who They were killed. (Watch the video below.)

“As you know, there has been a tragedy in the city, but what we will do tonight is we will honor those people, and I would love it if we could take a moment of silence,” he said in a clip he posted on Instagram. “This would mean a lot to me.”

Most of the fans were respectful, but some could be heard screaming or screaming roughly. Bieber expressed his dismay in a short message.

“To the people who have not been able to remain silent to honor the lives that have been so tragically lost, I urge you to ask why?” hey she wrote.

Bieber mentioned the massacre or hinted at it several times at the concert, posting some of the moments on his account.

“There is so much division in this world,” Bieber said during the show. “So many racial injustices. And as we both know, racism is evil and it’s diabolical. But what you and I have to do is become the makers of difference. We become the people who keep having conversations with our friends, our families and our dear ones, who continue to be allies ”.

“Racism will not prevail unless GOD DO IT,” Bieber wrote on Instagram. “WE ARE WITH YOU BUFFALO AND AGAINST THIS ACT OF RACIST TERROR.”