Good food, great views

Surrounded by nature, these establishments also offer tasty dishes for visitors

FOOD you often choose a restaurant for the sake of the food, but nowadays, the beautiful scenery is becoming a contributing factor in the selection of a restaurant.

Breathtaking views of the sunset, the breathtaking ocean or the green hill can help enrich our dining experience and create a lasting memory in the mind, especially for birthdays, weddings or a romantic dinner.

While there aren’t many restaurants that combine excellent local or Western cuisines with wonderful views, there are some exceptions. Some restaurants are built in an environment that allows us to immerse ourselves in nature.

Here is a guide to the best restaurant in Malaysia with a view, in no particular order:

1. Sepinggan Semangkuk

Inaugurated in February 2021, Sepinggan Semangkuk was born from an idea of ​​Muhammad Iqbal Awang Dazu, also owner of the Bangkita Ceramic Studio. The leading Malaysian ceramic artist has opened the concept cafe and arts and crafts restaurant in Teluk Panglima Garang, Selangor.

The beautiful view of the natural environment of Kampung Sijangkang gives diners a calm and serene feeling while enjoying the delicious food.

“Our cafe has the vibes of Kampung, surrounded by palm trees, coconut palms, the river and mangroves,” said Muhammad Iqbal.

“I grew up in a kampung and my heart is also full of love for kampung (vibrations). Since I was young, I wanted to give something back to the place where I grew up and introduce art and crafts into my kampung to make people appreciate [it]. “

The restaurant serves mouthwatering Asian and Western dishes along with fusion food, combining local and Western elements such as Italian pasta with spicy sambal, and also serves Mexican cuisines such as Quesadilla, burritos, and others.

“Inside the café, visitors can enjoy our building [which is] filled with art [including] paintings on the walls, macrame, table decorations, flowers and plants. We are also selling the crockery in our bar, ”said the ceramic artist.

Although the coffee appears to have a hexagonal shape from the front, Muhammad Iqbal said it is actually heart-shaped when viewed from above. The restaurant facade also appears to have been deliberately left bare with reinforced concrete pillars, rough patches of raw concrete on the ceilings and red brick.

2. Jeff’s Cellar

Located inside a 260-million-year-old limestone cave and surrounded by a landscape of mountains and rainforest, Jeff’s Cellar is an enchanting place. Stalactites, stalagmites and rippling water make the setting truly unique.

The fine dining restaurant is named after Jeffrey Cheah, the president of the Sunway Group of Companies. Initially, it was his private winery at The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat, but they have since started welcoming guests.

The location itself is clearly different from the rest and the region is blessed with a natural hot spring, natural jungle, mountain, and majestic caves. When they built the restaurant, their principle was to protect and preserve the environment.

Perfect place for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, the restaurant offers an elegant menu with a wide range of wines perfect for warm and welcoming dinners with loved ones. Chef Lee Choon Boon’s signature dishes highlight the country’s finest produce, including local and seasonal ingredients grown on site.

Most of the ingredients come from Sunway Organic Gardens, a 20-acre farm with pure water sourced from the jungle mountains. It is grown responsibly by a team of farmers and is chemical free.

Fruits, vegetables and herbs harvested from the garden are incorporated into the resort’s restaurant’s regularly rotating menus. Jeff’s Cellar was also named by CNN Greece as one of the five most magnificent bars in the world.

Recently, Chef Boon presented “Tanah”, a menu featuring the best Malaysian products from land and sea, which includes Tanjung Malim Amur Caviar, Sarawak Barium Salt, Perak Quail, Jungle Figs and other.

3. BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah

Imagine eating a delicious meal while dipping your feet in a river? Well, imagine no more. In Kampung Kemensah, diners will have a unique experience at BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah.

It is truly a sight to behold and an unforgettable outdoor dining experience. Visitors wear a hat to protect themselves from the sun shining above, as the fresh water of the river flows through their feet.

Visitors can enjoy a sizzling feast of Western cuisine, juicy and tender barbecued lamb, smoked chicken, duck and lobster, barbecued or grilled to perfection that tickle the taste buds.

“Our signature dishes are mixed meat sets,” revealed founder Zainuddin Yatim, who had the unique idea of ​​setting up a riverside restaurant after being inspired by his camping experiences in his teens when he used to host a table and eat his food on the flowing river.

When their feet are in the water, visitors can also watch fish in the river, which sometimes play around their legs.

4. The Hornbill restaurant and cafe

This wild bird atmosphere restaurant is a unique concept restaurant right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city. Situated amidst lush tropical rainforests within the Hornbill Park section of KL Bird Park, the restaurant has the traditional architecture of a Malay Kampung house and has a warm atmosphere. There are three-tier dining rooms with upper, middle, and lower decks.

At treetop level, you may get a surprise visit from the beautiful and colorful bird park dwellers, who often fly over or sit nearby, giving diners a chance to take a closer look as they savor the aromatic local cuisines . Lucky visitors may have the chance to see magnificent birds such as the rhino hornbill. Nasi Lemak, Mee Mamak and grilled chicken chop are the restaurant’s specialties.

5. Subak

Tucked away, Subak restaurant is located in a quiet and exclusive place, surrounded by lush green trees and plants in Bukit Lanjan, a perfect place for nature lovers to enjoy a romantic dinner. The restaurant serves Western and Asian cuisine, but the signature dish is Lamb Shank Masala, a favorite of many since it was first introduced to the menu when the restaurant opened in 2008.

Candlelit dinners are available in two areas; next to a fish pond and near the jungle.

“The best time to have dinner would be at night because the view is beautiful, especially with the strategically arranged lighting,” said one of the staff members.

It’s not that easy to find the place but once you get to the restaurant, you will never be disappointed in the food or the scenic beauty!