Scarborough and Panel Rock “Investigate Investigators”

If there is one truth about the American government that has remained solid through three generations of evolving norms, it is this; Once a special attorney is appointed, he or she will bloody pursue something, regardless of whether the case needs to be closed or not. This morning, the Morning Joe crew grabbed John Durham, the special attorney charged with providing special stimulus to the MAGAs for three years. Durham allegedly “investigated investigators”. And here we are.

Yesterday a jury acquitted Michael Sussman, the Democratic attorney who – with what is now considered true – addressed the FBI as a concerned citizen, concerned about a possible internet backchannel between the Trump Organization and the linked Alfa Bank. in the Kremlin. The FBI failed to establish that such a link existed and Durham prosecuted Sussman for lying to the FBI in an attempt to arrange an October surprise, an allegation that was absurd in the face.

This morning, Morning Joe’s entire team tore up Special Attorney John Durham for his three-year sniper hunt, a longer and more convoluted investigation than Mueller’s. Mueller, however, unearthed significant facts, allegations and verdicts (including Trump campaign officials). Durham has produced almost nothing.

As Scarborough noted, the whole effort should humiliate Trump, Barr and especially John Durham:

It’s just stupid. It was stupid from the start. This began in March 2017 when Donald Trump said that Barack Obama was eavesdropping on his phones, and it went on, one lie after another lie after another lie, which was picked up by all those news outlets you just quoted, and then Barr let Durham start investigating, presumably investigating investigators.

Keep the middle quotation mark for a moment. Trump and his people regularly accused the US government of “spying on them.” Still, this is quite simple. The FBI listens to Russian spies. If Russian spies are talking to someone obvious like a Trump, should the FBI hang up? It is not the fault of the FBI that, doing their job, they overheard the Russians talking to Trump’s team. There is a reason why even before Trump got his hands on the Bible, Jared Kushner and Mike Flynn (Mike Flynn!) Were in the Russian embassy looking for a “back channel” to communicate with Moscow.

Back to Scarborough:

“But there was absolutely nothing from the start, and this plea that everyone accepted in February, we did a whole segment. I mean, I’ve read it, I’ve been trying to figure it out for 24 hours. I talked to law scholars, I said, ‘I don’t understand this plea, it looks like it was written by a 7th grade student’ and, basically, it was.

And then you see, after all, this “deep state” investigation, this investigators’ investigation, is a lot of ado about nothing. There are more weirdos, more conspiracy theorists, more monsters, actually convincing an Attorney General to let Durham go out and fool himself, drag all this on for years to make the investigators investigation longer than the original investigation. .

Scarborough went on to point out that the Durham investigation caused immense damage to the FBI’s reputation and allowed the world of MAGA and especially Trump to play the victim and act as if the investigation was essentially of equal weight or that the real problem was the original investigation and “Obama wiretapped my phones!”

The ludicrousness of the whole thing brings us back to the practicality of Mark Cuban’s sage advice to Trump broadcast over the Sean Hannity Show:

“He is the most powerful man in the world and always plays the victim’s card. The Democrats want to get me, the media want to get me. ‘ You have to be the leader, you have to be the strongest man in the game. “

Annie: “But they spied on the boy! ‘

No they did not. But Cuban responded perfectly to an investigation: “What does it matter? He’s the most powerful man in the world! Be powerful, be a leader!”

Never happened.

Watch Scarborough:

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