Eric Swalwell eviscerates Jim Jordan and the House Republicans with guns

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) eliminated Jim Jordan and other Republicans in the House for gun policies that only help mass murderers kill children.


Swalwell said:

Nineteen boys died. Nineteen children died, so I ask my fellow Republicans who are you here for? Are you here for our boys or are you here for the killers? Because if you were here for the kids you would do whatever it takes to protect them from the next school shooting that is about to happen, and we know it will happen in America. You would vote to raise the age for purchasing an assault rifle. You would vote to ban high-capacity magazines. You vote to demand safe deposit and you would vote to tackle ghost weapons, which are ravaging communities across America.

But if you’re here for the killers, you’d go out of your way to make the next school shooting easier. And Mr. Jordan, you say we are trying to fundamentally change the country. If trying to make sure no other kids get buried in a Superman costume is to fundamentally change the country. guilty.That’s why we’re here. The children are going underground today, and you call it trying to fundamentally change the country. Why are you trying to drastically change the number of children who go underground, Mr. Jordan? Who are you here for?

Rep Swalwell’s comments sent Louie Gohmert into a meltdown, but he was right. Children die in school shootings, but Republicans like Jim Jordan complain about Democrats trying to change America.

Democrats are trying to change America so that children stop being shot in school. The fact that Republicans oppose child protection makes it clear which side they are on.

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