Prog DA Larry Krasner blames NRA for mass shooting in Philadelphia –

District Attorney and Progressive Hero Larry Krasner accused the NRA of last night’s mass shooting in Philadelphia:

“Last night’s terrible crimes on South Street tell our Pennsylvania lawmakers it’s time to take serious action. Boycott NRA lobbyists, boycott NRA donations, and bring common sense gun regulation to Pennsylvania. Now.”

Or it could, you know, enforce the laws that are already on the books:

This you, friend?

“A former Philadelphia police officer, wounded in an arrest, called District Attorney Larry Krasner for offering a plea deal to the person who shot him.”

On March 31 last year, his hometown newspaper, the Investigator from Philadelphiaposted this article with the facts about what is * not * happening in Philadelphia, namely, it is not putting people behind bars:


So, what are the chances that the thugs who shot in a crowd last night are also “repeat offenders with firearms”?

The NRA returned fire:

Philadelphia has been inundated with crime for years due to your ineptitude and loyalty to your beneficiary, @George Soroswhich supports weak prosecutors who undertake not to prosecute violent criminals and to release them almost immediately while the police arrest these violent criminals. “

Some “winnings” you got, Philly:

If you remember, Krasner had to apologize last year after saying the city didn’t have a criminal crisis:

Mayor Michael Nutter also called him out:

Hard, but fair:

Well, at least talk tough to the bad orange man:



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