New Eve Motion Sensor Detects Light and Supports Thread – Review Geek

The best-known HomeKit brand just debuted a fancy new motion sensor. For just $40, the second-gen Eve Motion adds an integrated light sensor, Thread support, and a more compact design. And better yet, it’s cheaper than the previous model.
Motion sensors are the key to smart home automation—they can turn down your A/C when nobody’s home, switch on nightlights as you wander for a midnight snack, or activate cameras when something is detected outside. Plus, the Eve Motion is certified with IPX3 splash resistance. While it can’t handle submersion, it’ll happily survive on a porch, in a garage, or in your bathroom.
Adding light detection to the mix is just icing on the cake—the new Eve Motion can measure changes in ambient light, providing even more variables for smart home automation. I imagine that many people will use the new Eve Motion to control their Eve smart blinds and outdoor lights.

Not to mention, this is Eve’s 14th product to include Thread support. It’s Matter-ready and will work with Google Assistant, Alexa, and SmartThings when Matter launches this fall (provided that you own a Thread Border Router).
The second-gen Eve Motion sensor is available today for $40 at the Eve store. It will arrive on Amazon and the Apple Store in the coming months.