11 Best Sheets on Amazon 2022: Mellanni, Sijo, and Brooklinen

The ‘Zon might not be the first place you’d think to shop for the world’s greatest bed sheets, but the retailer’s vast catalogue does mean the best sheets on Amazon are at least easily Prime-able if your couch-surfing cousin comes in to town last-minute—and abundantly backed by second opinions if you’re researching what’s actually worth investing in. See, even though the e-tailer is filled with pages and pages of shoddy (sometimes straight-up shady) products, thanks to the millions of shoppers who have some very strong takes on crispness and quality, it’s at least easy to weed out the good sheets from the absolutely dismal. And that’s exactly what we did, surfacing some of the best-reviewed sets online, along with some of our very favorites that we can vouch for first-hand. So whether you need some bed sheets lickety split—courtesy of Prime’s very generous two-day shipping policy—or you just need a who’s who on the lesser-known brands that are trying to shill you stuff, here are the best bed sheets on Amazon that are easy on your wallet and even easier on your body.The Best Sheets on Amazon, Overall: Mellanni Hotel Mellanni Hotel Luxury sheet set“Hotel sheets” and Amazon might feel like two separate entities entirely, but Mellani’s luxury sheet set is one area where the two reasonably intersect. With over 300,000 reviews on Amazon to its credit (the majority being five star ratings), this set is one of Amazon’s top-selling bedding offerings—and for very good reason. It’s wildly soft, thanks to a brushed microfiber exterior that’s also blessedly shrink-resistant in the wash, and a screaming deal for what you get: a full sheet set including pillowcases, a top sheet, plus a fitted sheet, all finished off with the same stylish stitched hem. It’s especially a boon for people with plusher-than-average beds, as the sheets come with deep pockets so you won’t have to tussle with it to fit it on your mattress. Best of all, Mellani’s promise of quality sheets comes with a lifetime warranty if you’re less than thrilled with how yours have held up over time. Yes, you essentially get these bed sheets guaranteed for life, fine print be damned.The Best Percale Sheets on Amazon: Linen Home Linen Home percale sheetsIf you’re clueless on what kind of bed sheets you actually want, percale is usually a good place to start. Percale cotton has the benefit of being crisp, breezy, and cool to the touch (it’s why actual hotel linens tend to use a percale weave), and a single spin cycle in the washer and dryer will render them even softer for your next snooze. Reviewers praise this percale sheet set from Linen Home for its excellent handfeel, which comes at a very sensible 50 bones for a full set. The set may not have the longest shelf-life in the linen closet, and they probably won’t feel like a million bucks, but they will give you a better night’s sleep than the raggedy threads you’ve been holding onto since college. The Best Sateen Sheets on Amazon: Brooklinen Brooklinen Luxe sheet setSateen sheets offer a certain luxurious feel thanks to their unique cotton weave, which is tighter and less airy than percale (so, better for cooler months), with a slickness to it that feels extra silky against the skin. Brooklinen’s are some of our favorites of the genre for their handsome prints and quality, pill-resistant threads. Though the retailer does most of its business directly through its website, a selection of its bedding has made its way to Amazon. Don’t miss out on the Luxe bed sheets, which feel extra smooth and have a delicate sheen to them. The Brooklinen website offers a wider selection of prints and colors, but if you need the brand’s bedding ASAP, you can express ship them from Amazon.The Best Linen Sheets on Amazon: SijoSijo French linen sheet setSijo’s linen bed sheets are somewhat of an anomaly. That’s because they’re more wallet-friendly than you might expect from linen bed sheets, especially for a high-quality, flax linen set like this. Unlike the typical burlap-y feel of some linen fabrics, these sheets ship out stonewashed (meaning they’ve already undergone a breaking-in and pre-shrinking process before they even get to you) and are quite soft out of the box. They also come in a variety of colors, from pinstripes to neutrals. Though they’re not the airiest linens we’ve ever tried—we’d recommend these for in-between seasons and winter, not for the depths of summer—the Okeo-tex-certified fabric is hardy, handsome, wrinkle-resistant, and built-to-last year after year. The Best Flannel Sheets on Amazon: Eddie Bauer Eddie Bauer flannel sheet setTake what you know about Eddie Bauer flannels, and apply that to a set of bed sheets: You’re looking at something that’s ultra soft and cozy for single digit winter nights, plus decked out in a plaid colorway befitting of your grungiest layers. This set comes triple-brushed for extra softness, so it will be even harder to peel yourself out of bed during Daylight Savings Time, and doesn’t pill too horribly in and out of the washing machine. The only real drawback is that this set comes in queen and king sizes exclusively, but the brand does sell other patterns in fuller ranges.The Best Jersey Bed Sheets on Amazon: Amazon BasicsAmazon Basics jersey cotton sheet setYour favorite comfy t-shirt has nothing on these jersey sheets from Amazon Basics, which fall squarely in the sub-$50 range. For a dorm room twin XL or a rarely used guest bed, they’re just the right price point, and reviewers seem happy with the quality of the fabric, too. These sheets are a solid combination of lightweight and breathable, boasting a lived-in softness that doesn’t easily pill after repeat usage. Plus, they come in a number of solids if you’d prefer to mix it up with a chambray or dark green. The Best Cooling Sheets: Peru PimaPeru Pima temperature regulating sheetsPeru Pima is one of those brands you probably wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for Amazon’s algorithm. It doesn’t have the same name recognition as Brooklinen or Parachute, say, but if you’re looking for excellent sheets from Amazon, it’s certainly one to know. Its temperature-regulating bed sheets utilize a sateen weave, which we found to be just shy of the buttery-soft feel we liked in the Brooklinen sheets. They’re designed to regulate body temperature (keeping you cool in the summer and cozy when the mercury drops), a feature that we found rung true to their branding in our testing. We also dig that these sheets are made from eco-friendly, Oeko-Tex-certified cotton as a feel-good bonus.The Best Bamboo Sheets on Amazon: Bedsure Bedsure bamboo cooling queen sheet setIn the same vein of temperature-regulating sheets, bamboo fabrics have the innate ability to stay silky and cool no matter how high the humidity climbs at night. It’s why bamboo-made bed sheets are some of the best options for those who tend to wake up feeling like they just ran a marathon. Bedsure’s cooling sheet set is made of bamboo viscose, which gives them a certain glide, and they’re even moisture-wicking so you don’t wake up drenched in sweat. Also, the fitted sheet fits snugly on even the loftiest mattresses (up to 16 inches), thanks to its deep pockets.Th Best Dirt Cheap Sheets on Amazon: Amazon BasicsAmazon Basics Lightweight sheet setFor the absolute budget shopper, Amazon’s in-house line Amazon Basics is great for getting your feet wet. Nothing that we’ve tried from the line has been horribly off, and if you’re not really a stickler on quality toppers for your pullout couch, this lightweight sheet set is a slam dunk for travelers who are passing through—or simply passing out. They even top Mellanni’s as the retailer’s best-reviewed bedding of all, which is maybe the price point (less than 20 bucks!), or the super-soft feel. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this set of sheets.The Best Organic Sheets on Amazon: Lane LinenLane Linen organic cotton sheetsIf you’re a stickler about fabrication, Lane Linen’s extremely well-reviewed cotton sheets are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standards. At this price, you’d usually be stuck with some microfiber sheet set that feels about as natural as pleather, but for 100% cotton (which, again, are organic), these are hard to beat. Reviewers note that they’re prone to wrinkles, but emerge from the dryer wonderfully soft and breathable. The sheets also feature a delicate seed-stitched hem to dial in that “fancy sheets” vibe. The Best Amazon Bed Sheets in Every Color: CGK With nearly two dozen color options to choose from (spanning lavender to burgundy to just plain white), CGK sheets are for those who want to switch things up a lot—and often. They’re microfiber, hence the low price point, but repeat shoppers note that the fabric feels more like a soft hug than a cheap tarp, and looks expensive in a guest bedroom. A few people experienced ripping and seam-pulling after a few washes, but the vast majority seem to be very happy campers with how the sheets have held up over time.