Labor’s budget motto was “all pain, no profit”

Labor’s budget motto was “all pain, no payoff,” says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“Now, I’m not unfair. I didn’t expect Anthony Albanese to instantly cut electricity prices and stop inflation, “Bolt said.

Mr. Bolt said, however, that he blames him for his “lies” that the government would cut electricity bills by $ 275.

“Now – five months after the Albanians used that lie to become prime minister, we know the truth – because it was hidden in the budget documents last night,” he said.

Bolt said the average electricity bill will not decrease by $ 275, but is expected to increase by $ 1,000 over the next year and a half.

“And the gas bill will also increase by an average of $ 600.

“And all of this is only part of the price of the global warming madness that is destroying our coal-fired electricity system, without governments actually having something ready to take its place.”