TNF preview: Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Baltimore Ravens


Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson may be 20 years apart, but both quarterbacks have a special bond.

When Brady originally retired in February – he would later retire – he posted a message to Jackson saying the Ravens superstar was “next”, suggesting he was Brady’s heir apparent.

But this Thursday, the two will be on opposing teams as Jackson’s Baltimore Ravens head out to face Brady and the struggling Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Before Thursday night’s clash, both were asked about mutual respect, with 2019 NFL’s most valuable player Jackson calling Brady the “CARP” – the greatest of all time.

“Not really,” Jackson said when asked if he was thrilled to take on the teams led by Brady. “His [Tom] Brady Who wants to play against Brady?

Jackson and Brady talk after the Ravens defeated the New England Patriots at M&T Bank Stadium on November 3, 2019 in Baltimore.  It was supposed to be Brady's last season with the Patriots.

“But he’s the GOAT, man. I always play against the defense, not the quarterback, so I play every game the same way, with the same mentality. I just want to go out there and do what I’m supposed to do to win. ”

When asked about Brady’s “you’re next” cry, Jackson said he hopes he can emulate a fraction of the success the future Hall of Fame has had in the game.

“We hope to be the next to win the Super Bowl. He has seven, so hopefully, that’s what I’m next to, that’s what I was hoping for.”

Brady himself has said he believes Jackson has a “great future” ahead of him.

“He is an extraordinary player and challenges the defenses. He has a very unique skillset, ”Brady told the media. “His ability to improvise, play with his legs, extend plays – they do a good job with that attack.

“They have a good defense, they handle the ball very well. Obviously it’s very dangerous with the ball in hand and they have guns too, so it’s a tough challenge for our defense. We will have to play a true complementary game, play hard and tough football and try to get a win.

“I just think very highly of him.”

Jackson turns back to play against the Cleveland Browns at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on October 23.

The Ravens and the Bucs are both teams that struggled early in the season, despite being considered Super Bowl contenders before the year.

Baltimore has been inconsistent so far, losing close encounters and also earning its fair share at the gun.

The Ravens are a team that has changed so far in the seven weeks of the NFL season; going from one with Jackson’s great passes and a losing defense to one focused on Jackson’s running prowess and more robust defense.

The Bucs are coming into Thursday’s bout in the wake of two straight losses and, more recently, a troubling 21-3 defeat to the modest Carolina Panthers that has taken them to 3-4 in the year, even though they are still in the lead. to the NFC Sud ranking.

Between Brady’s off-screen blasts and a faltering attack, the title credentials of the Bucs are under scrutiny, with many suggesting Brady’s supposed final season could end in heartbreak rather than glory.

Brady directs the attack in the fourth quarter against the Carolina Panthers.

However, despite his poor form, Brady still believes his team has a chance to change their season.

“I think there is always hope, and then there is reality,” he told the media. “I think you really focus on what the reality of the situation is, which is that we haven’t played our best football.

“We have a lot of quality players and we need to do a better job playing well. You have to take it one week at a time. Each game is different. Things could change after this match too, and things could change the week after and the week after and the week after.

“So nothing in this game is given to you. You have to go and earn everything and I think that’s the competitive nature. They also look good on the other side of the ball. We just have to look for a way to get a win. ”