Xbox Shelves “Keystone” Cloud Gaming Dongle – Geek Review

A mockup of the Xbox streaming stick.
Andrew Heinzman / Geek Review

This week Microsoft gave a big disappointment to fans of the emerging cloud gaming industry. In an interview with Wall Street newspaperXbox chief Phil Spencer said the company is not moving forward with its cloud gaming dongle dubbed “Keystone”.

Gamers have been anticipating an Xbox streaming stick for over a year now. And there have been some confusing messages from the company along the way. So, it’s nice to have a resolution regarding this particular device. Here is the relevant part of the magazine audio interview tweeted by The border editor-in-chief Tom Warren:

“Keystone was something we were incubating internally. Towards the end of spring we decided to work with Samsung. I still have the prototype … will we make a streaming device sooner or later? I expect we will, but there are years to go. “

Cloud gaming is a huge potential market for Microsoft. According to 9to5Google, Xbox Cloud Gaming recently surpassed 20 million gamers for life. This figure has doubled since May, when Microsoft revealed that 10 million gamers had tried the cloud gaming platform.

It’s easy to see the appeal of cloud gaming. Eliminating the requirement of having a game console to play your favorite games opens up a whole world of possibilities for gamers, game developers, hardware manufacturers and resellers. Unfortunately, it was not the time for this game streaming dongle to break into the world.

Xbox S series

While Keystone may never see the light of day, there are still plenty of options to play with Microsoft.

sources: The border, 9to5Google