Jaylen Brown: We need to help Kanye West’s Donda Academy players

As uncertainty swirls around the future of Kanye West’s Donda Academy, tournaments eliminate the blue-chip basketball program from their schedules, event planners and social media voices call for support from players stuck in a seemingly precarious situation.

High-profile supporter: Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics All-Star, who initially announced he would stay with West’s Donda Sports agency before retracing his steps and severing ties with the sports agency on Tuesday. Brown has been vocal on Twitter since unconfirmed reports suggested the Donda Academy shut down for the year, writing that he had a problem with window displays leaving school.

“For any HS basketball coach and event coordinator, these student athletes cannot be negatively impacted by this,” Brown wrote Friday morning. “I will sponsor any existing or new event willing to host the Donda Academy / We all have to make sure they complete their final year both academic and athletic. contact me. “

Brown has repeatedly tweeted about the resources and opportunities that could be stolen as a result of the potential closure of the Donda Academy, referring to the visits he has made in the past to the school and the interaction with his students.

“I have spent time at the Donda Academy and it is so much better than some American public schools with a better curriculum,” Brown wrote.

Omarion Bodrick, who played at Donda Academy last season, told the Times that the basketball team’s players would be taking online classes from the apartments for a couple of hours a day.

“You really have to apply yourself if you want to get your job done,” Bodrick said.

He described the year as a whole as “a once-in-a-lifetime experience”.

The Donda Academy, which opened in 2021, boasts two of the top three ranked players in California in the class of 2023 in Robert Dillingham and AJ Johnson, as well as potential four-star client JJ ​​Taylor.

Brown also tweeted Friday morning: “We don’t erase our children,” a sentiment echoed by Minnesota Preparatory Academy president Donnell Bratton.

The Times confirmed that four prestigious tournaments – the Play by Play Classic, the City of Palms Classic, the Spalding Hoophall Classic and the John Wall Holiday Invitational – have canceled the Donda Academy from their schedules. On Friday, Bratton said Donda Academy would also not attend a scheduled game against the Minnesota Preparatory Academy on November 3 at the Target Center, but made it clear that it wasn’t because of West’s remarks.

“We have not canceled Donda, we will not cancel Donda, because we don’t believe in the cancellation of children,” Bratton said.

After conversations with Donda Academy management over the past two days, Bratton said, the reason for the change was “uncertainty” surrounding the program.

“We don’t know if they have a new school,” Bratton said. “We have to make decisions based on what they have. We don’t know what players they have. “

A passionate Bratton, in a telephone conversation, spoke with the same fervor found in Brown’s written words.

“You felt my anger,” Bratton said. “I’m shocked. Because Rob Dillingham, JJ Taylor and those other guys don’t deserve what they’re going through right now.”