Karl Stefanovic defends Dr. Charlie Teo after 60 minutes of “pile-on”

Karl Stefanovic has spoken to defend his partner, Dr. Charlie Teo, saying that the controversial neurosurgeon is the victim of a “pile-on”.

the Today Guest comments also come when his own employer, Nine Entertainment, conducted recent media attacks on Dr. Teo via 60 minutes Other The age Other Sydney Morning Herald newspapers.

“I love it and I love it and I’m just sorry that this whole thing has been going on for so long and it keeps going on,” said Stefanovic. The daily mail.

“The comparison with Charlie is very difficult to watch, given how much I know he is committed to the profession and how much work he does and how many lives he has saved. I would hate to see this guy and all his talent exterminated by a profession in which he is so gifted. It would be a parody “.

Stefanovic – who, along with other stable heavyweights of the Nine Ben Fordham, Peter Overton, Richard Wilkins, Alex Cullen, Chris Smith and Jim Wilson, is a Charlie Teo Foundation ambassador – described Dr. Teo as one of his “dearest friends”.

“So the whole episode that has been going on for years has caused tremendous stress on him and obviously on all the families involved,” he said.

“I guess when you’re that high profile, when you’re that good and you’re so public you have to weather storms every now and then. While there are obviously things he’s out there defending at the moment, there’s also this incredible side to him. He is nothing short of a beautiful person. “

On Friday, Dr. Teo, 64, was photographed leaving a gala event in Sydney hand-in-hand with girlfriend Traci Griffiths, 47, sporting a diamond ring as she left the venue following rumors in August that the couple was engaged.

The gifted but polarizing neurosurgeon was put under renewed pressure this week after a 60 minutes segment he claimed offered false hope to patients’ families while charging large sums of money.

Dr. Teo’s former patients later expressed their support, describing their “absolute disgust” with the program.

Dr. Teo, sitting with A topical story Tracy Grimshaw addressed specific allegations on Tuesday in response to a “comprehensive” 60 minutes piece he called “repulsive and disgusting”.

While admitting he made mistakes in his career, he said the idea that he was only involved for the money was totally false.

“For some strangers who aren’t sitting in the room with you while you are arguing with the patient, it’s so wrong for them to judge you about what’s going on in the room,” said Dr. Teo.

“If anyone is trying to portray me as a money hungry bastard who operated on and hurt children based on money, this is what I want to correct. It is not so”.

Stefanovic said The daily mail the voices of the patients that Dr. Teo had saved were drowned out by the families of those who could not.

“There is a huge amount of people out there who feel it has given them a little more life and I think it’s a really glorious thing,” he said.

“He is undoubtedly one of the best neurosurgeons in the world and lives on the dangerous side of what is understandably conservative play. I just know how intensely he feels, how difficult it is for him and how many pressures have had a huge impact on him and it’s all incredibly sad. “

Dr Teo, who is under investigation by the Health Care Complaints Commission, has been barred from operating in Australia since August 2021.

Under the rules imposed by the NSW Medical Council, Dr. Teo is unable to perform high-risk procedures unless he has the written approval of a second independent neurosurgeon with over 20 years of specialist experience.

Recently speaking with Mark Soderstrom on the podcast The soda roomDr. Teo said he believes his restrictions are the result of a broken medical system.

“It’s a dysfunctional system whereby a competitor can file a harassing complaint about you, immediately assuming you’re guilty,” he said. “And then you have to prove your innocence to the very person who complained about you. How can that system work? “

Dr Teo said the restrictions meant he is unable to perform surgeries, which he says leave nine patients a week without potentially life-saving treatment.

“So the sadness of the situation is that my entire practice was mostly eliminating tumors that other people called inoperable, so that was 90% of my practice,” he said.

“That’s 10 cancers a week. So this means, plausibly enough, that there are nine patients a week who are losing life extension or treatment from a condition I know I can help. Now it’s sad. “

Originally published as Karl Stefanovic defending Dr. Charlie Teo after 60 minutes of “pile-on”