Fresh Aklan oysters, handcrafted cocktails and award-winning bartenders provide a fantastic shelling experience at Salt & Ice

There is a fun new place with a cool vibe in the subway, with world-class cocktails made by award-winning bartenders using premium spirits and a creative menu that celebrates the freshness of Aklan oysters taken in flight every day, always fresh, never frozen.

Salt & Ice was truly a passion project. The goal was to create not just a bar, but a space that celebrated the freshness of Aklan oysters and the world-class skills of their award-winning roster of bartenders.


Salt represents the sea and its fresh oysters; Ice represents their amazing handcrafted cocktails. Their cocktails are made with the latest tools and equipment that only a few bars in Manila have. Their bartenders create extravagant and forward-thinking cocktails, each with their own stories, well served and presented, the kind you look forward to after a long day.

No detail is too small: from the interior to the music. They aim to be a space in which to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends, enjoying good food, fantastic oysters and imaginative cocktails.

“It is, in a nutshell, an oyster bar serving cocktails, from classics to imaginative concoctions developed for discerning guests who want an interactive bar experience,” says Abigael Quilal-lan, Operations Manager at Salt & Ice who competed and won local and international bartending competitions.

“It’s a passion project from our president and CEO, John Michael“ Mike ”Hilton. She loves premium, well-crafted oysters and cocktails. He married these two in a space, “Quilal-lan says.” He’s very hands on with Salt and Ice. He shared his ideas when we were developing our cocktails and led a team of chefs in conceptualizing our menu selection. principal “. Hilton’s vast experience in F&B was put to use when he founded Visa Ventures in 2019, bringing the now widely popular Koomi (a natural drinking yogurt from Australia) to the Philippines. He has since expanded the brand portfolio with Oh My Greek, Zig, Sante by Zig and is also the exclusive distributor of T2 loose leaf tea and tea items in the country.

Food and style

Oysters are the stars of the show in this bar that transforms handcrafted cocktails into an art form. wasabi mayonnaise and Ponzu sauce), Oyster Mornay (crumbled oyster with Neapolitan sauce and mozzarella), Oyster Spinach & Malunggay (baked oyster with spinach, malunggay and cream cheese), Oyster Bacon and Cheese (baked oyster with bacon, cheese and honey) and Oyster Kilpatrick (baked oyster with bacon, bacon and Worcestershire sauce) are just some of their oysters on the menu that can be ordered by the piece. “We use Aklan oysters because they are consistently larger in size. At Salt & Ice, we like to patronize local products to ensure the freshness of our food,” says Quilal-lan.

Browse the menu and start with their skewers of chicken satay, fragrant and juicy Indonesian-style chicken satay served with a spicy peanut sauce. If you like something more elaborate, get their Truffle Mushroom Arancini, crumbled rice balls with truffle mushrooms stuffed with mozzarella, served with Neapolitan sauce. Their signature sea urchin pasta is a crowd favorite fresh sea urchin on white wine and cream reduction, topped with salmon roe. Singapore chili shrimp are for those who want some kick to their meal. Those looking for some comfort food might want to try the Wagyu Sliders, tender wagyu beef burgers with caramelized onions, which complement the tomato jam. For those who prefer weed to surf, Salt & Ice serves up a 1.5kg Australian grass-fed Tomahawk steak. Not to be missed are their delicious dessert selections. The highlight is their Ferrero Rocher Sundae, a decadent concoction of homemade chocolate brownie, Ferrero Rocker chocolate, and chopped almonds. Chocoholics can indulge themselves in the classic but well done Chocolate Souffle, made with dark chocolate and served with vanilla ice cream.

salt and ice

Their cocktail menu is a mix of classic and signature, dal Negroni, Gin Basil Smash, Old fashioned, Daiquiri, Whiskey Sour and Moscow Mule which are expertly prepared with high quality liqueurs, to the imaginative ones with a flair for drama.

“At Salt & Ice, we take you on a journey with our Signature cocktails,” he explains. “It starts with 36th Street Cocktail (mango, macadamia, milk lemon and rum), so named for their location along 36th street in Uptown Parade, BGC. “Continue with our Japanese-inspired Rogue Waves cocktail that combines yuzu, mint, peach and bourbon with a strikingly colorful and edible image of the waves in the Sea of ​​Japan, while the Indian-inspired Queen B cocktail combines cardamom, coffee, honey and vodka. “

salt and ice

For those who love a bit of theater there is Aurora (tequila, grapefruit lime, blue pea tea and cotton candy that dissolves and makes the drink purple); She’s a Bliss (hibiscus, apple, lemon and whiskey with smoke-infused edible bubbles) and the fairytale-inspired Eternal Rose (gin and passion fruit cocktail that comes encased in a rose syrup dome complete with rose petals and a dramatic smoke presentation that is Instagram – reel ready). Other signature drinks include the Naught Rusty (peanut butter, bourbon, and peanut brittle) and the French-inspired Kiss Kiss (absinthe, hazelnut, whiskey).

Salt and Ice has captured the nuances of food and cocktails by creating delicious pairings. What to drink with which dish? There are no hard and fast rules because the combinations depend on preferences but Quilal-lan recommends that fresh oysters go well with a light and fruity cocktail like Eternal Rose; The Oyster Spinach & Malunggay with Naught Rusty; Sea urchin with Rogue Waves and Tomahawk with classic cocktails.

Drink according to the times

Hilton says the drinking culture in the Philippines has matured, with a more sophisticated market. “People are more exposed and have traveled despite the pandemic; there are people who really appreciate well thought out and well curated cocktail lists. When you go to bars, they start to look the same. At some point, cocktails must not only taste good, but also look good. That “Instagrammable” culture has really made it harder for the F&B world for food to not only taste good but also look good. “

He says Salt & Ice caters to what the new generation of drinkers are looking for. “Filipinos are becoming more insightful and appreciate the artistry and hard work that goes into a cocktail. We are now head to head with bars in SG and Australia. It’s not just about getting drunk or drinking, it’s about appreciating the ingredients and craftsmanship. At Salt & Ice, the food and cocktails are beautifully presented, which demonstrates the skills and craftsmanship of our bartenders who use quality spirits and the tools to invent these drinks. They look good and taste great. “

Salt & Ice is located on the ground floor of Uptown Parade in Uptown BGC Taguig. It is open from 4pm to 1am Sunday to Wednesday and 4pm to 3am Thursday to Saturday. For more information, call 0969 141 4688. It has also recently opened at Bldg 7, Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang.

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