Approaching retirement: how to prepare

Retirement is a monumental event in a person’s life and one that you never feel fully prepared for. There are hundreds of variables involved in making the decision to retire, and hundreds more of those that can affect quality of life later on.

Indeed, current economic circumstances have seen people less likely to retire early in hopes of supporting their post-retirement financial situation – and some retirees don’t retire to replenish their savings. Here are some key ways you can approach your retirement journey, from struggling with your finances to making lifestyle changes that fit your future life.

Coping with finances

Of course, finances are the most important factor in the decision to retire. There is not only the value of your private pension to consider, but also the volume of your savings and investments and the rate of inflation, which has a devaluing effect on your savings over time. There is also the question of the quality of your life: do you have enough to live comfortably as you are, or your quality of life will decline to fit a new budget.

There are various paths a worker can take to address these concerns and support their finances. Those over 55, for example, can access an equity release mortgage that allows them to receive equity in their home without selling or giving it up. Meanwhile, investing wisely in tracker funds can beat interest rates and passively earn your money.

Stay healthy

Retirement is a fundamental change in pace and can have a surprisingly strong impact on your body. This is especially true when regular commuting and exercise are replaced by sedentary habits. By instituting a healthy exercise and diet regimen early, you can ensure that your body is as healthy as possible for the time to come, with the benefit of giving you more energy for your retirement activities.

defining goals

Even retirement, detached from the structures we are used to as working adults, can be surprisingly crippling. With all the time in the world, there is little impetus to start anything. This can quickly give way to empty days turning into weeks.

The solution is to set some goals and work towards achieving them. Now is the time to plan that once-in-a-lifetime trip or start a new hobby you didn’t have time for before. In setting goals and making plans, you make sure your days are full of purpose and productivity on your terms.

Stay social

Finally, retirement can be an isolating experience for many people. With no co-workers to talk to, and with family still at work or school, it’s easy to find yourself alone. Actively fighting this problem is simple, however, as simple as joining a local community group or hobby club. Simply contacting family on a regular basis can be enough to keep you updated and on the minds of your loved ones.

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