Australian Cup 2022: convicted fan behavior, Nazi greetings, chants, boos, Sydney United 58, banned for life

The NSW Jewish Council of Deputies strongly condemned the behavior of the fans during Saturday night’s Australian Cup.

Macarthur FC defeated Sydney United 2-0 to claim the trophy, but it was a small part of the United fans who ruined the game.

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A loud chorus of whistles can be heard during the Welcome to Country and also during the performance of the national anthems.

When the game started, the Network 10 broadcast captured fans who seemed to be there to make the Nazi salute.

Darren Bark, CEO of the NSW Jewish Council of Deputies, condemned the display of Nazi symbols and greetings “in the strongest possible terms” in a statement provided to

“These vile symbols and greetings have no place in modern Australian society. They represent the latest manifestation of evil, an evil that led to the murder of millions of innocent civilians during World War II, including six million Jews and thousands of Australian diggers who lost their lives fighting the Nazis during World War II. worldwide, ”Bark said.

“Reprehensible conduct such as this causes immense distress to the victims of Nazi crimes and their descendants, while undermining our cohesive multicultural society.

“The fact that the national anthem and Welcome to Country were also booed last night underlines the contempt these people have for Australia and our Diggers.”

Mr. Bark added, “The NSW Jewish Council of Deputies commends Football Australia for denouncing these performances and urges the governing body to take strong action against any fan who participated in these acts, including the implementation of lifetime participation bans. Football Australia is also expected to partner with Sydney United to address the relevant views that are revered by some of its fans. “

An FA spokesman said so The age: “One of Football Australia’s core values ​​is to be inclusive and diverse.

“Our strength as a sport is our diversity. We celebrate that football is rooted in the nation’s social fabric and follows Australia’s diverse history.

“In saying this, Football Australia acknowledges that a very small minority of participants engaged in behavior inconsistent with the values ​​of Football Australia and the expectations of the wider community.

“Football Australia took measures during the match to address these isolated behaviors, including eight evictions. Football Australia will continue to gather information from headquarters, clubs and authorities on this matter, as antisocial behavior has no place in our game. “

Images of several fans with their right arm raised in an upward motion quickly began to circulate on social media with many disgusted by what they were seeing.

“Sydney United getting to the final had to be a good thing. First NPL club ever to do so. Instead he exposed the neo-Nazis in their own group of supporters. I hope the whole club is thoroughly investigated. These people shouldn’t be welcome in football in this country, “tweeted presenter Jake Buckley.

If the cheers weren’t bad enough, the crowd chants were also targeted by those who were watching with fans who labeled the whole show “an embarrassment”.

“This is the worst result for Aus Football. What should be something exultant, historic, semi-professional team, reaching the final. But instead, we have the Nazi symbolism and greetings, the whistles of welcome to the country. What an embarrassment for the game and this country, “wrote football presenter Michael Turner.

Originally released as Calls for Life, the bans were made for “responsible” fan behavior