iPhone 14 cheapest in Japan among 37 countries: survey

The iPhone 14 launched by Apple Inc in September was cheaper in Japan than in 36 other major countries and regions of the world, according to a survey shown on Wednesday.

Tokyo-based research firm MM Research Institute Ltd. surveyed Apple’s online stores around the world and compared prices, including tax, in yen based on September 12 exchange rates.

The 128-gigabyte model sold for 119,800 yen in Japan, the lowest price in the areas surveyed, including the United States and a number of European and Asian countries. A weaker yen, however, means it’s around 20,000 yen more than the iPhone 13 when it went on sale in the country a year ago.

Online stores in Turkey have set the most expensive price for the model, offering it for the equivalent of 238,454 yen.

Other versions of the iPhone 14, including the iPhone 14 Plus, which has a larger display, and the high-end iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, were also cheaper in Japan.

Experts said Apple may have strategically kept prices low in Japan, where the company enjoys high market share.

“In Japan, Apple has a 50% stake, which is high-end across 37 countries and regions,” said Tadayuki Shinozaki, chief analyst at the MM Research Institute.

“Faced with the depreciation of the yen, the company may have set prices at a level that will not prevent customers from buying the phones,” but it will maximize profits, he said.