Prince William’s admission to mental health on BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Prince William appeared to refer to the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and the quarrel with her brother, Prince Harry, on a mental health radio show.

The Prince and Princess of Wales were recording a discussion for BBC Radio 1 when she talked about how unprepared people can be for a sudden change in their lives.

“A lot of the work we’ve done on mental health and hearing a lot of people talk about it is that everyone likes a toolbox, especially for men. A toolbox is a pretty useful analogy for the type of use, “she said.

“Big family networks and support networks around people are really important, but many people don’t realize what they need until it really comes.

“You can live a life in a minute and something changes enormously and you realize that you don’t necessarily have the tools or the experience to be able to deal with it.”

William’s life changed forever in 1997 when Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris. She was only 15 at the time.

More recently, the deteriorating relationship with Harry has seen the brothers go from being best friends to barely talking.

William and Kate continued the discussion by asking activists how to best address mental health problems.

The Princess of Wales said: “One of the messages we are trying to encourage is the fact that everyone has mental health, and in the same way their physical health must be taken care of, the same way we go to the gym. we have to take care and feed our minds too. “You were saying that it’s really important to reach out and connect with people. Some people actually, expression through music or through art or through other forms of expression, is a really great way to experience mental health. “

William later said, “Well, as we said at the beginning of this special Newsbeat [news programme]it’s about having a meaningful conversation about mental health, but it shouldn’t stop there. “

Kate replied: “Yes, absolutely, because talking about mental health is so important and it is definitely the first step for all of us, it is to keep talking, to have those conversations and to ask for help.”

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