FOX Bet Super 6: $ 100,000 up for grabs in Week 6 of the NFL Sunday Challenge

Death, taxes and cowboy Other Eagles fans gave each other in the week leading up to the game. You do not believe me? Just check Twitter for the junk talk.

It’s epic.

But do you want to know what’s even more epic? The Eagles enter this bout undefeated and the Cowboys enter this contest with a four-game winning streak with a backup quarterback under the center. Six games of the season, two NFC Least teams have two of the league’s best records.

NFL writers, see you and greet you.

We say hello too FOX bet for allowing us to win a lot of money by choosing the correct winner and the winning margin of this game. But not just for this game, for an entire series of NFL matches not to be missed for week 6.

And when we say a lot of money, we are talking $ 100,000 great. How exactly can the Cowboys and Eagles make you win some money this weekend?

We thought you would never ask.

FOX Super 6 bet NFL Sunday Challenge is a free-to-play contest in which you choose winners and the margins of victory for six main matches. Get all six correct, including the Cowboys-Eagles achievement, and you have a chance to claim 100,000. To enter the game, download the app, make your choices and make your selections before the games start on Sunday for your chance to win by Terry money.

It’s that easy, and it’s so much fun.

So, in addition to the highly anticipated Cowboys-Eagles battle, we’re diving into our predictions for this week’s NFL Sunday Challenge games to help you make your choices before Sunday.

Here we go!

jets to Packers (1pm ET Sunday, FOX)

Both of these teams have 3-2 records. However, the Packers ‘3-2 looks a bit more disappointing than the Jets’. And this could be because you expect a team with back-to-back MVP at the quarterback to have a better season.

Having two losses isn’t bad, per se, but when two of those wins were by two and three points, it makes you raise an eyebrow.

But even with all that raised eyebrow, we’re still getting cheesy heads in this matchup. Aaron Rodgers is 35-7 straight up (SU) as a starter when the Packers are 7-10 points favorites. In FOX betGreen Bay is 7th favorite against NYJ.

While the Jets are above .500 for the first time since the beginning of 2018 and have won two away games this season, Green Bay will be the winner on Sunday.

Packers of 6 points

novers to hawks (1pm ET Sunday, FOX)

From Matt Ryan to Marco Mariota, no matter who is under the center, he is losing business as usual for 2-3 ATL. This weekend, expect more or less the same when the Falcons take on the 49ers.

Under the leadership of manager Kyle Shanahan, San Fran is 5-4 against the spread (ATS) and 5-4 SU when facing opponents from NFC South. But when they are street favorites under Shanahan, the Niners are 12-6.

So far so good for San Francisco.

Another good thing for the guys at Red and Gold is that they’ve had five different players who have scored quick touchdowns this season. This is the pinnacle of any NFL team this year.

The Niners defense is clicking too. The D scored six picks in consecutive games for the first time since 2000, and the unit recorded six sacks or more in consecutive games for the first time since 1985.

Give us the Niners every day.

49ers from 8 to 10 points

Vikings to dolphins (1pm ET Sunday, FOX)

Like life, football is sometimes not fair. And unfair and extremely unfortunate is the situation in Miami with QB1 Your and backup Teddy Bridgewater be excluded while they are in concussion protocol. With all the uncertainty at the quarterback, FOX bet still set the line to Vikings -3.

Well, let’s go with Minnesota, but by a larger number.

First, let’s mention Allison from California, one of ours FOX Bet Super $ 6 million jackpot winners – and say: “let’s just think about the wide receiver Justin Jefferson I really want to do well “.

Jefferson landed 12 receptions in Minnesota’s Week 5 win, which was a career high for wideout. If you can’t shut down JJ, you can forget about overcoming these 4-1 Vikings.

Another offensive threat that the Dolphins will have to try to stop is running back Dalvin Cook. He set a season record of two running TDs in week 5. The Dolphins’ scoring defense is in 29th place in the league. The unit allows 26.2 points per game. All of these points to Minnesota doing what he wants and running through the Miami defense.

To their credit, when you look at the Dolphins’ offense, by Tyreek Hill 524 yards in reception is third in the NFL. But can you count on him to rack up huge receiving yards in week 6 when he gets passes from John Doe?

Vikings from 8 to 10 points

buccaneers to Steelers (1pm ET Sunday, FOX)

Oh. And that wow is the Steelers are 1-4 SU this season. But if you look at the trends for this bout, they indicate Pittsburgh beats Tampa Bay.


It’s true. Since 2001, the Buccaneers have gone 1-5 ATS and 1-5 SU against the Steelers. But these aren’t your grandfather’s Bucs. This tuberculosis team has it Tom Brady as a quarterback, and throughout his career, including post-season, Tommy is 12-3 SU when facing Pittsburgh.

And to be honest, the Steelers are on a different downward spiral from what we saw under manager Mike Tomlin. They rank 30th in terms of offensive scoring and their 35-point loss in Week 5 to the Bills was the biggest defeat under Tomlin. They also have four consecutive losses.

Could it be worse? Unfortunately yes. Try to get even tougher for the Giallorossi in week 6.

Buccaneer from 11 to 13 points

Panthers to rams (4:05 PM ET Sunday, FOX)

Does a 2-3 record count as a Super Bowl hangover? Because, yes, it does, Rams. And that’s exactly what Los Angeles has.

Liquid IV, anyone?

But even as bad as the Rams have played this season, FOX bet the oddsmakers have set this spread at Rams-10.5. And we know why this is so: the Rams were bad, but the 1-4 Panthers were worse. Carolina was so bad, in fact, that they fired coach Matt Rhule five games of the season.

But Los Angeles was the shell of a championship team. The team has been held down to 10 points or less three times this season, and the 21 layoffs the Rams have granted are tied for the NFL’s worst result. But again, Carolina is also on the fight bus.

The Panthers are in 32nd place in total attack and are without a coach. Well, they have a break now that Rhule is out, but get it. Other Baker Mayfield should waste more time due to ankle injury. Don’t tell anyone we asked, but is that such a bad thing?

However, 10.5 is a large numberr, considering the lackluster aspect of LA, but we’re still going with the Rams in this matchup.

Ram of 7 points

cowboy to Eagles (8:20 PM ET Sunday, NBC)

What do you say “main event” in football? We will tell you. Cowboy versus eagles.

Sunday Night Football will have a little bit of everything. An unbeaten team. A backup quarterback. A chance to own the division. It’s a movie made for TV.

Let’s take a look at the cowboys first. While there has been a lot of praise for QB backup Cooper Rush being unedited but undefeated in his first five career beginnings, Dallas’ defense deserves a lot of credit. The Cowboys are in third place in the scoring defense and the nine away games their opponents have made in the red zone are the lowest in the league. Dallas’ 20 sacks and 33 defeat tackles are both second in the NFL.

On the other hand, the Eagles have their offense to applaud for their perfect 5-0 start. Their 12 running TDs are the highest of any team this year, while their 419.8 yards per game are in second place in total attack. Not to mention by AJ Brown 436 yards in reception are in fifth place in the championship.

In FOX betthe Eagles are favored by 5 points, and in this we are on the side of the oddsmaker. Looking at what Dallas did without Dac it was fascinating, but the story ends Sunday night in Philadelphia.

Eagles of 6

Now it’s your turn. After you download the app and submit your selections for the next contest, share your choices with us by tagging @ FOXSuper6 Other @EricaReneeD and use # EricaSuper6 on all social media platforms.

Let’s win some money!