Midwife leaves Sydney for Alice Springs, NT and doubles her salary

A health worker who fled Sydney for Alice Springs doubled his income, found love and bought a house, planning never to return to the city.

Midwife Tylah McConnell, 27, had planned to go bush hunting for a six-month posting just in April last year, but she quickly realized she had found a home.

“I think this lie grows old in Sydney, that’s where all the opportunities are and country life or rural life is boring when I actually couldn’t find it further from the truth,” said Ms. McConnell recently, who She is also a content creator with her 131,700 followers on TikTok.

“My social life is significantly better living in the countryside and remotely than in Sydney.”

Ms. McConnell explained that she found the love of her life in a doctor and bought a house with him within six months, which she thought would be impossible in Sydney.

As for her career, she says she was able to progress much faster by working in the countryside.

“I just had amazing career opportunities. I’m pretty much at a point where I’ve doubled my income by leaving Sydney, “she said.

Ms. McConnell said Daily mail the house he bought with his partner was three rooms and she “didn’t have to use a third of the deposit” she had saved in Sydney.

The health worker didn’t know much about Alice Springs before she moved and was surprised to find that he was quite liberal.

“That’s great for LGBTQ + rights. The city I am in actually has the largest per capita lesbian population in Australia, ”she said.

While Ms. McConnell encourages her social media followers in the healthcare industry to move the bush, she admits it still carries challenges.

One of them is how expensive it is to return to Sydney to visit family and friends. You said that there is not the same availability of fresh products even when it comes to food.

Originally released as Midwife, she ditches Sydney for Alice Springs and doubles her salary