Fair Labor Commission: Tony Burke and Annika Wells Applaud Aged Care Work Salary Decision

Aged care workers will receive a substantial salary increase, after a decision issued by the Fair Work Commission confirmed a 15% increase for the sector.

The decision, issued on Friday by the commission, comes more than 18 months after the presentation of a royal commission, which recommended a 25% increase for elderly carers.

The timing of the salary increase will be discussed later this month, with the FWC accepting requests from the federal government, employers, and the government before passing on stages two and three of its decision.

The FWC stated in its decision, which covers more than 300 pages, that work in feminized industries had traditionally been underestimated.

“We accept the evidence that, as a general proposition, work in feminized industries – including nursing work – has historically been underestimated and that the reason for this underestimation is likely to be based on gender,” they said in their decision.

“We want to clarify that this does not conclude our consideration of the unions’ request for a 25% increase for other employees, especially administrative and support and elderly care employees.”

“Nor are we suggesting that the interim increase of 15 per cent necessarily exhaust the magnitude of the increase justified by reasons of the value of the work relative to direct workers.”

Aged Care Minister Anika Wells said the increase would help the aged care industry retain workers.

“We need to bring workers back to aged care and fill the staff shortage caused by nine years of neglect,” said the minister.

“One of the main causes of the gender pay gap is low pay and poor conditions are low pay and poor conditions in care sectors such as aged care, where most of the workers are women,” she said. Mrs. Mills.

“Increasing wages in aged care is essential to ensure that men and women are paid equally.” she said.

Tony Burke, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, said the decision was the first step in changing the underrated nature of aged care work.

“Aged care work is hard work – and its underrated work,” she said.

Last month’s budget projected that federal spending on aged care services would increase by 50% to $ 34.7 billion between the previous financial year and 2025-26, reflecting growth in improved aged care. residential.

Originally published as Aged Care Assistants Destined to Grow after the Fair Labor Commission ruling