Covid Restrictions: Such as SA, NSW, Vic, ACT, NT will respond to Qld’s new advice

Across the country, Covid numbers continue to rise ahead of the silly season, with a state making a bold first move towards new restrictions.

On Thursday morning, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the state was entering a new wave of Covid and raised the state’s emergency alert to amber.

Across Australia, there have been 37,097 cases of Covid in the past week, an average of around 5,300 per day.

And with experts warning the numbers will get worse, Australians around the world are at loggerheads about what this could mean for other states as we approach Christmas and New Year.

In South Australia, cases increased by nearly a thousand last week, and Victoria saw a further 20% increase.

Western Australia followed the same trend, growing by over a thousand cases over the same time period.

In one week, hospitalizations for the virus have doubled across Queensland and NSW is dealing with nearly 2,500 more cases than the week before.

Queensland’s response now makes the rest of the nation ask, will the restrictions come back into effect during the holidays?

The short answer is no, according to UniSA epidemiologist Professor Adrian Esterman.

“Queensland hasn’t really put it in place with this update,” Professor Esterman told NCA NewsWire.

“Just like in South Australia, where masks on public transport are recommended, but not mandatory.

“Most states and territories will be very reluctant to reintroduce the mandates.”

He said the increase in the number of cases coincides with the removal of isolation requirements for people who actually test positive, allowing for super-broadcast events to take place across the country.

“It was a simple foolishness to remove the mandatory isolation for positive patients,” he said.

Professor Esterman is not alone in thinking that it will take much longer before states reintroduce restrictions, as Queensland Medical Director Dr John Gerrard also said this next wave is unlikely to trigger a response. “red” emergency alert.

“I can’t see a circumstance where we would do anything, having other mandates, between now and Christmas,” said Dr. Gerrard.

“I think it’s unlikely, I think most of the modeling has now become very different due to the number of variables involved.”

“We hope it will be a short and sharp wave”.

While the restrictions are unlikely to return, health advice across the country remains fairly consistent.

People who have had the virus in the past seven days are advised to wear masks, as well as those entering healthcare facilities or using public transport.

Originally posted as Experts Evaluate Covid Restrictions After Qld Switched to Amber Status