Koo launches a host of new features to attract more Indian users as the Twitter drama escalates: Technology News, Firstpost

Koo, India’s homegrown social media platform, has launched a number of new features that are bound to excite more Indian users for the platform and switch to it, in case they are considering leaving Twitter and switching to another platform. .

These features include uploading up to 10 profiles, saving a Koo that users like, scheduling a Koo, and saving drafts.

According to Koo’s statement, power makers can now schedule a Koo at a future date and time. Creators who like to write multiple thoughts at once can schedule it for different times to avoid crowding their followers’ feed. Creators who wish to continue working on a draft before publishing it can use the save draft functionality. Koo’s statement stated that it would give them the freedom to continue making changes before publishing.

The social media company said it has a presence in 10 languages ​​and is used by users in over 100 countries as it seeks to invite a wider global audience to its platform.

Mayank Bidawatka, co-founder of Koo, said: “We are very happy to announce new features to millions of users. Some of these are the first in the social space. We are the first to allow users to upload up to 10 profile pictures. . We have made it extremely easy for creators to now be able to save a draft and schedule Koos for a future date and time. Saving a Koo feature is not available in any other microblog. Users have taken these features very well. ”

He said the company was happy to have crossed paths the 50 million user mark on the back of these enrichment features and added that the company has a very user-centric culture internally and with our ears close to the ground, it will continue to create the best features users need to express themselves and connect with each other.

Koo was the innovator of language-based microblogging, helping to connect 80% of the world who speak a native language. Features like Multilingual Kooing (MLK), translation capabilities, a language-enabled keyboard, topics in 10 languages, and language translations.

It has also added an editing feature, multiple profile pictures, up to 10 image uploads, longer video uploads, and voluntary self-check are some of its features. The platform said it aims to further announce a number of features as part of its ongoing effort to improve the user experience.

Koo launched in March 2020 and the platform claimed to have become the second largest multilingual microblogging platform available in the world. Has gone through recently the goal of having over 50 million usersand plans to add another 50 million soon.