5-year-old boy dragged into swimming pool by snake in Byron Bay

A five-year-old boy had a terrifying encounter with a python, with the snake attacking him and dragging him into his household’s swimming pool.

Little Beau was enjoying within the pool along with his brother at his household’s residence in Byron Bay when he was attacked by a three-metre python that was lurking within the backyard.

The boy’s father, Ben Blake, informed Melbourne radio station 3AW of his horror at seeing the incident unfold on Thursday.

“Beau was swimming along with his brother yesterday and out of the blue in all probability a ten-foot python determined to wrap its mouth round his Achilles, his ankle,” Blake stated.

“They each rolled within the pool and the python coiled round him.”

The daddy stated there was a backyard by the pool and Beau was strolling previous the foliage when the snake struck.

Mr Blake stated he believed the python was ready for a ‘sufferer’, resembling a hen, to reach, however attacked his son as an alternative.

The snake bit the boy on the ankle earlier than wrapping its physique round his leg and knocking them each into the water.

“It was instantaneous. I noticed a giant black shadow come out of the bush and earlier than they hit backside it was utterly wrapped round his leg,” she stated.

Beau’s grandfather Allan, 76, was the primary to react to the state of affairs, leaping into the pool after the boy.

Mr Blake stated his father was within the water “earlier than I even had an opportunity to consider getting within the pool”.

“He handed it to me after which I needed to separate the 2, free him from his legs,” she defined.

It took Beau’s father round 20 seconds to separate the boy from the snake, with Mr Blake calling it “one thing of an ordeal”.

He informed 3AW it wasn’t unusual to see snakes the place they reside, however having one so near the home was uncommon.

“It is Australia, I am round. However a giant python like that lurking within the bushes proper subsequent to the pool, not that a lot,” she stated.

Fortunately, Beau is okay, with Mr. Blake saying the boy calmed down as soon as they had been in a position to clear up the blood and informed him “it wasn’t going to die as a result of it wasn’t a venomous snake.”

“He is really fairly good,” she stated.

“He is a soldier.”

Mr Blake stated Beau could be given a couple of days off faculty so the household may monitor the chew and ensure it did not turn out to be contaminated.

As for the snake, the daddy launched the reptile, just for it to come back proper again.

“I held him for in all probability 10 minutes whereas making an attempt to calm my dad, his accomplice and my two boys,” Blake stated.

“Then I launched him and he went again to the scene, the dangerous factor.”

Final month, specialists issued an ‘pressing alert’ to watch out for venomous snakes in NSW with latest climate creating the ‘excellent surroundings’ for the harmful creatures.

The Australian Reptile Park stated snake sightings within the state have elevated attributable to heavy rains and warming temperatures.

“The weird quantity of rain we have had means we might be in for an enormous snake season,” stated chief reptile keeper Jake Meney.

“When it rains the exercise of small mammals, different reptiles and birds can enhance and this implies snakes will seemingly be extra energetic and foraging.

“The rise in temperature may even see snakes strolling round on the lookout for a mate because the breeding season will increase.”

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