Watch 10 Things Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Can’t Live Without | 10 Essentials

We’re getting McDonald’s Chad, what would you like?Primary, additional cheese with no onions please.Be certain that the fries are contemporary and flippantly salted.You need something to drink?Coke with no ice.[claps]What’s up GQI’m Chad Johnsonand these are the ten necessities that I can not dwell with out.[upbeat music]Oh [bleep] yeah, UNO playing cards.UNO playing cards are crucial to me.I have been taking part in Uno for a really, very very long time.It is one thing that I’ve used on all dates that I am going on.One thing that you simply too ought to use on dates that you simply go on.Simply common Uno, all the brand new stuff that they arrive up thatwith now and simply all the additional playing cards that they putin the packs.I, I’ve a, I play with the old fashioned packthe old style guidelines.It is, it is at all times been Uno.I do not like Monopoly except I am taking part in with actual cash.We each know I am low-cost, in order that ain’t taking place.I received the spelling bee one time in kindergarten, butafter that performed Scrabble kinda of suck.After which gaming.Gaming got here to fruit once I was younger so.My subsequent important is cigars.That is my vice might be the one vicethat I do have in life.There’s one factor unhealthy that I do.That is it.Oh, that is, any occasionanything which you could have a good time for that matter.Being right here on the Tremendous Bowl.You possibly can smoke a cigar for any cause, any event.And I smoked two or three a day and have since 1991.So I have been smoking for some time and that is my very own model.For those who guys wanna zoom in on that.I had a 3 week stent within the DR did my homework.I needed to style completely different blends, a lot of blends.I acquired sick clearly I did that after three weeksand got here up with the Bo Vita, the Good Lifeand the El Patron, which clearly everyone knows means.THE BOSSI acquired into video video games.In what 12 months did ColecoVision come out?And I am displaying my age right here.ColecoVision was my first system or possibly Pong.Bear in mind Pong?Pong, no matter 12 months pong got here outthat is once I began taking part in video video games.Quickly after that it was ColecoVision after which Atari.I am form of embarrassed for displaying my agebut FIFA 23 is the place it is at for me.I have been taking part in FIFA since 1994 and I consider I startedon Second Genesis, if I am not mistaken.As of proper now, I am the most effective playerin the world in FIFA and that is just about the way it goes.I imply there are 8 billion folks within the worldand I’ve overwhelmed 1% of them.Yeah, 1% of the inhabitants I’ve already,I’ve already overwhelmed.See you gotta assume.Since 94 to 2023, I have been taking part in folks generally.I misplaced a Josh Norman as soon as and it was embarr it was,it was embarrassing cuz he is not good.I misplaced the Reggie Bush as soon as.It wasn’t my fault.Why would you even problem me at this pointafter all these years?I imply, they don’t seem to be gonna win.It is like saying, oh I wanna play Jordan 1 on 1.Or I feel I might take LeBron 1 on 1.Like give it some thought.Wait, wait, wait.Simply take 5 seconds and give it some thought.[rousing music]Okay, cool.Grape has at all times been, it’s at all times executed nicely for me.I’m married and engaged nowbut girls previously, earlier than she got here alongside, years, yearsyears earlier than she got here alongside.Informed me I had the smooth slips that they ever kiss.And I feel the end in that’s due to me taking careof them with grape chap stick for the melanin.And usually when the solar hits uswe are likely to to swell up just a little bit.The lips, lip space, simply being like voluptuousnaturally in sure areas due to DNA and shit.Sun shades. Sun shades are crucial dependingon the event, relying on the place you might be.If you don’t need folks to see the place you are lookingthese are crucial, particularly in a public setting.Nighttime, I am actually not out anywayso subsequently my sun shades are at all times worn.Throughout the daytime.It is a signal of, okay, I do not actually wanna be botheredbecause I’ve on my sun shades for a cause.In all probability have earbuds tooand the solar clearly being a think about why I am sporting ’em.It might be from Walmart, be from Goal.It might be one thing excessive finish.I simply wanted to structurally match my facebecause my face and my head occurred to be so smallwhich additionally wanted to be executed as a studybecause I put on a small helmet that they needed to createfor me to put on an NFL, which is means toit’s arduous for me to search out frames to suit me completely.[rousing music]My subsequent important boxing gloves, since I’ve retiredI’ve wanted a passion that offered structurein the identical self-discipline that soccer did.And I discovered that lovethrough boxing full-time and coaching full-time to preparefor a combat at any time when a combat presents itself.However appeared like nobody needs to combat meso subsequently I simply maintain coaching.I do know you had your debut.Yeah, I fucked them upeven although I acquired knocked down, that regarded good, proper?And so it has been two years now I am prepared toget again in there and I am simply ready.I loved utilizing boxing as a approach to preparefor soccer season.It occurred when it was purported to.I simply take into consideration to myself, if I can appear to be thatin a 3 week span and look the half,think about if I had a an actual three month camp,I will be a fucking animal.So I am gonna proceed doing it untilwhile my physique remains to be ready, I’ve by no means been damage beforewhich is why I can nonetheless be activeand transfer round in any case these years.I am followers of Err Spence, Bud Crawford.Did I say boots but?Jaron Ennis.I advised Boots, pay attention, I will drop the 147I’ll drop the 147 and provides thisgive these palms now if you wish to thump, we will thump.I acquired my professional card so I can get in there with him.I do know I can go.The final dude simply ran all 12 rounds.I do know I am gonna sit thereand and commerce with you what you wanna do, homie.So boots, in the event you get an opportunity to see this, let me know.McDonald turned important for me when it was inexpensive.After I was a child burgers had been 50 cents, fries had been 20 cents.I forgot how a lot soda was.It was inexpensive.Due to this fact it is all we might afford.After I was a child what happenedwhen I used to be little too.After I ate McDonald’s, I by no means acquired damage.You understand, that is what I did as a child.After I ate McDonald’s I dominated everythingthat I did even in kindergarten.So what’s that?So what’s Ocho vs. Science?Ocho is fact and info as a result of I am sitting proper right here.Science is researchers and scientists approvingwith those that pay them.That is what science is.Hey, you paid me sufficient cash I will say thisis what’s good for the folks.You need me to maintain happening this?This isn’t a conspiracy theorist.These are all info.Why is all the things wholesome so costly?If it is so wholesome for us and the folks you care about.The folks.Why is it so costly?Do you wanna know why it is fucking cash seize.You understand what’s not a cash seize McDonald’scause it is fucking inexpensive.Most of you eat salads.You understand what a Massive Mac has?It has fucking lettuce on it.You want croutons?We now have croutons on right here too.Cough fucking sesame seeds.Identical dietary info.Why the Coke with no ice?You do not want ice.It comes out the gun chilly already.It comes out the gun chilly.So you place ice, then it saturate your sodaand then it takes away how a lot you possibly can really get.You do not want ice.My subsequent important is my pockets.Pockets’s very importantfor these that do not have the disciplinein like order like I do.Wallets are are fairly cool.Lodge key.Excessive Motion Park.I acquired a couple of factors on there for video video games and skating.That is just about it.All the time carrying 100 dollarsfor emergency in case you want money.2, 6, 8.I am lacking the 20.You understand, at all times carry 100 bucks of cashin case you want it Like valet.You wanna tip anyone, anyone homelessyou wanna give ’em cash too.You understand what I like?I just like the prolonged Wallace, they’re form of massive.You could possibly in all probability put your checkbook in there.I’ve a number of these. I like these.I like watches.I like watches, I speak lots about not buying watchesbecause time is free.I feel lots of people miss the messagethat I say behind that.There are watches that attainretain their worth while you do buy ’em.I’ve actual items, however once more, the message is goingover folks’s heads on how I used to be capable of maintain my wealthor no matter you name it.What sort of watch is that?It is Cartier.Yeah!Starters Casio Calculator Watch is a go-to of mine.Apple Watch for many who are first beginning out.Get you a pleasant Rolex.You will get a type of good.And you continue to have its valueif you each eight hour instances must resell it.My subsequent important is soccer and soccer.Soccer got here to the image once I was at elementary faculty.I will always remember my PE trainer’s namewas Mr. Telles at North Seaside Elementary.You understand, PE class they’ve all of the,all of the balls within the internet, you knowthe massive internet that they’ve all, they usually open the online.For some cause I gravitated to the blackand white soccer ball as opposedto all the things else that was inside that netand simply kicking round, kicking round.That was the place the love I’d guess, for soccer began.Even not realizing what I used to be doing again then.Soccer is radar all beginning.That is my my method out.I performed the sport for a really very long time.I performed it my wayreally actually my method with some additional added sauceOn prime of that.I then conform to how the media stated I ought to have beenand the NFL league workplace saidI ought to have performed the sport.So I, no, I’ve no regrets.If I might return and do it againI’d do it the identical method and add some stuffto it that I considered as soon as I had left.I am Chad JohnsonGQ Thanks for having me.Thanks for watching.I really like you.