newsmaker2009: It is an elite news newspaper that works to report important and prominent events in the world in general. Visitor, full news is given exclusively and without prejudice to the political opinion of a country or institution or a particular sector,

The aim of the launch of newsmaker2009
The aim of publishing the newspaper on the Internet is to strengthen relations between other countries and to work to add original and different content when there is a great depression among people. While protecting the intellectual property rights of all people, newsmaker2009 always tries to publish meaningful content that encourages its readers and visitors to create an informed audience.

Publishing policy in a newsmaker2009
Newspaper respects the copyright and property rights of all other websites, government agencies and all other news newspapers and individuals, therefore we believe in the intellectual rights of all individuals and institutions in the world. We have new content and many qualified editors, without prejudice to any person or opinion.

newsmaker2009 newspaper management apologizes for publishing any content that violates the law.
The newspaper management is not obliged to publish all the news and articles that come to it, and the site management pays attention to the technical issues related to the writer, editor and all newspaper management.
newsmaker2009 management apologizes for posting content that expresses prejudice in any way against any class, religion, sect, person or idea, and also apologizes for not posting content that causes people’s sectarian, religion and sectarian conflicts. Miscellaneous articles or materials where certain words and phrases are immoral, offend the pioneers of the newspaper, or contain any insult or attack against a person or institution.

Contact by phone and private mail:
E-mail: mail.newsmaker2009@gmail.com
Working Hours: It is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00.