After the video of Jesse Williams naked, the theater turns on the camera on the audience

He said that if security detects a prohibited phone, they will alert the ushers and the house manager and that “we are discussing internally whether we will interrupt the show or send an usher or security when we see someone, to remove it.” She said theater staff could ask patrons to delete footage from a phone or call the NYPD for assistance.

Asked what an audience member should do if they see someone filming, Dean said, “We’re New Yorkers. If you see something, say something. “

Second Stage used Yondr bags to limit phone use in the theater. When patrons arrive, they are asked to turn off their phones and put them in closed pockets, which patrons keep during the show and then return to be unlocked when finished. The system, used in some comedy shows, pop concerts and other live events, is obviously flawed: some people have figured out how to open such bags, while others smuggle phones despite the rules.

Dean noted that Second Stage had staged the “Linda Vista” show at the Helen Hayes Theater. That comedy had both male and female nudity and there had been no issues with video shooting, she said. But he said he believed that in 2003, when “Take Me Out” first aired on Broadway, someone managed to get a nude photograph of star Daniel Sunjata, even though that ride was before the invention. iPhone.

“Take Me Out,” written by Richard Greenberg, is about homophobia in baseball; Williams plays a squad star who claims to be gay and faces the distress of some of his teammates. In 2003, the drama won the Tony Award for Best Theatrical Work; this week the current revival garnered four nominations, including one for Best Revival, and three for actors, including Williams, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Michael Oberholtzer. Oberholtzer can also be seen, naked, in some of the online videos.