Another shipment of infant formula from Europe will arrive in the United States on Wednesday

Empty shelves show a shortage of formula milk at a Target store in San Antonio, Texas, May 10, 2022.

Kaylee Greenlee Beal | Reuters

Fedex Express secured a government contract to bring another shipment of infant formula to the United States on Wednesday, NBC News reported.

Express plane will fly from Ramstein Air Base in Germany to Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C. It is unclear how much formula the plane will carry.

The move is aimed at addressing a severe shortage of formula milk in the United States after the leading producer of formula milk Abbott Laboratories closed a production plan following reports of bacterial infections in four children.

Abbott said it will take about two weeks for the plant to reopen and up to eight weeks for the products to hit shelves nationwide. This has left a wide gap for dozens of parents across the nation.

In an effort to ease the burden, the Food and Drug Administration is increasing imports of infant formula from other countries. The first shipment, which carried 78,000 pounds of special formula milk, arrived Sunday.

President Joe Biden like this invoked the Defense Production Act to increase the production of infant formula. His administration is looking to stock shelves with 1.5 million containers of Nestlé special infant formula.