Slate names former HuffPost editor as its new top editor

Slate has named Hillary Frey, former editor-in-chief of HuffPost, its new editor-in-chief.

In a memo to staff on Wednesday, Slate CEO Dan Check said Ms. Frey was “the right person to lead Slate’s editorial team in this new phase of growth,” noting both her years of experience and his understanding of the challenges and opportunities of this current news environment. “

Slate, one of the few surviving original digital media, has has struggled in recent years to find its way in the new media landscape and find a sustainable business model. He’s been without an editor since the beginning of January, when Jared Hohlt he resigned. Mr. Hohlt, who has held the post for three years, will join soon New York Times T Magazine.

Ms. Frey is currently a resident creator at Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. She was previously the executive editor of HuffPost, a role she left in 2021 after she was HuffPost. acquired by BuzzFeed. Ms. Frey also managed newsrooms at NBC News, Adweek, Yahoo News, and Fusion.

“I feel a deep and longstanding connection with Slate and what they do,” Ms. Frey said in an interview this week. “Be smart, be irreverent, have fun, come up with only great and interesting ideas that might be right in front of you but no one has spoken the words yet and just have a really sharp analysis.”

Slate was started in 1996 with support from Microsoft and quickly became known for intelligent analytics, interesting debate, and top-notch journalistic talent. It was sold in 2004 to the Washington Post Company, renamed Graham Holdings after Jeff Bezos bought the Post newspaper.

The website, however, saw a number of high-profile starts this year, including Gabriel Roth, who headed the podcast division, and Laura Bennett, editor-in-chief.

The Times reported in February that Graham Holdings has enlisted the help of a consultant to help support Slate’s business, which said staff members that the outlet was not profitable and would provide advice on ways to strengthen the business.

Mr. Check said in his email to staff on Wednesday that Slate had spent the past few months perfecting his editorial mission, improving his structure, recruiting people and growing his membership business, which he says he “surpassed. revenue expectations this year “.

Ms. Frey said she felt “incredibly confident in Slate,” adding, “I wouldn’t be in a situation that I don’t feel has a really, really bright and successful future.”

Ms. Frey will start in her new role on June 6th. She will report to Mr. Check and oversee the editing and digital operations. The podcast division, which has had success with podcasts like “Slow Burn”, is led by Alicia Montgomery.