United Airlines, pilots union reaches contractual agreement

Boeing 777ER United Airlines. Airplane for the Leonardo da Vinci airport of Fiumicino.

Massimo Insabato | Mondadori Portfolio | Getty Images

United airlines and its pilots union reached an agreement on new contractual terms, the first of the major carriers to conclude a deal since the start of the pandemic. The crisis has agitated the industry and exacerbated a shortage of pilots and backlog of training.

The Air Line Pilots Association and United did not disclose the terms of the deal on Friday, but it will likely include higher pay and other improvements.

United has perhaps had the least controversial relationship with its major carrier pilot unions and made initial deals with the airline to keep pilots on staff and trained during the pandemic.

“United Airlines was the only airline to partner with our pilots union to reach an agreement during COVID,” said CEO Scott Kirby in a LinkedIn post. “Unsurprisingly, we are now the first airline to secure an agreement in principle for an industry-leading new pilot contract.”

The deal still has to face the vote of the union and, subsequently, the pilots.

Delta Airlines, Southwestern Airlines Other American Airlines they are still in talks with the pilot unions, which in recent months have organized pickets to protest against grueling programs.

United are not immune to the driver shortage. The Chicago-based airline, like other carriers, has had to cut routes and park planes due to a shortage of pilots flying for the smaller regional carriers that power its network.

On Friday at 1 p.m. ET, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., Will hold a hearing on the future aviation workforce, which will be held at United Aviate Academy, United’s new flight school, in Goodyear, USA. Arizona.