What’s Next – Akhona Nkalitshane and Peter French discuss the importance of cybersecurity for businesses

Akhona Nkalitshane is product manager of Rectron South Africa and Peter French is the GM for the Middle East and Africa of Acronis.

Nkalitshane is a cloud computing specialist focusing on breakthrough offerings in this area from cybersecurity OEMs like Acronis.

He has over seven years of IT and services experience, working at companies such as HP and Introstat.

French is a technologist who has nearly 15 years of IT experience at companies such as ESET and Synapsys.

He is an established technology speaker and thought leader, passionate about how technology can keep us connected by improving systems and the way we do things.

In this interview with What’s Next, French explains how Acronis stands out in the cybersecurity space.

Nkalitshane then discusses how remote working has added new cybersecurity considerations for businesses.

It also outlines common practices that companies neglect, which puts them at a greater risk of being hit by cyber attacks.

The French then talks about how POPIA has influenced the way South African companies view cyber security and data protection.

He also mentions Acronis’ launch of a local data center and explains how this will help South African companies achieve data protection compliance.

Nkalitshane then discusses free security products designed for consumers, but commonly used by small businesses. He explains that these offers aren’t good enough for business use.

French concludes by discussing the additional services that Acronis offers to provide comprehensive cyber protection for businesses, including its powerful anti-ransomware tools.

The full interview with Akhona Nkalitshane and Peter French can be watched below.