35cl Cocktail Co. explores versatility of rice in latest cocktail creation

35cl Cocktail Co., a Philippine-based beverage company specializing in cocktail experiments, released CE022, its latest cocktail exploring the flavor profile of rice.
“CE022 is the product of our exploration of rice, a fundamental component of Filipino culture and cuisine. The cocktail highlights the versatility of the grain, both as an ingredient and as a dish,” the brand explains in a social media post upon release.
“The drink was initially envisioned as a base drink to complement varying garnishes, similar to how rice is paired with ulam or turned into kakanin. Included with each bottle are three accompaniments specifically created for CE022: Rice, each meant to enhance the cocktail’s flavor in a different way.”
CE022 is also its last release, after three years of experimentation. Each order comes with three accompaniments with its own designed enhancement to the cocktail.

Since its inception, 35cl Cocktail Co.’s bottled creations have captured the palettes of many curious cocktail drinkers in the country. Each of its releases — most came in batches of three — were well-intentioned, well-created expeditions of flavor in a bottle, some of which originated from unlikely roots. It’s fitting that its last release featured a fundamental part of Filipino cuisine in a remarkable, boundary-pushing fashion.
As with all of its creations, CE022 is available in limited batches.
Visit www.35clcocktail.com to order.

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