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Are you having trouble with your workplace?
Do you think it drab, boring?
Well, you would do well to catch Senator Imee Marcos’ latest vlog on Friday, July 1, as she shares workplace design ideas.
She does so, allowing fans a virtual tour of her office at the Senate.
Note the space was previously occupied by former Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV.
There, you could learn how she allowed a personal touch to the place, using cool photo memorabilia and eclectic furniture that showcases the rich culture of Ilocos Norte.
She mixed it with modern fixtures and lighting, allowing her and her staff to seamlessly work together in a relaxed environment. 

“The office was so boring and dark when we first got there three years ago,” says Imee. “It needed a woman’s touch to brighten it up.”
Going into it, she already had an idea in mind.
“I wanted to create a space that is very conducive for a creative flow of innovative ideas. The workload that we do is quite heavy so we really have to spruce up the office to balance everything out.”
As to the outcome, she said, “I’m quite proud with what we’ve done with the space and I’m happy to share it with my viewers.” 
She follows this on July 2 with a special vlog celebrating  the upcoming 93rd birthday of her mom, former Philippine First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos.