A meal at these Uptown Bonifacio restaurants is what your mom deserves this Mother’s Day

Indulging in a feast while enjoying picturesque sights is a form of pampering and relaxation that every mom deserves. On their special day, let’s pay tribute to the superwomen of our lives by treating them to places where they’ll love the company, food, and views, too. At Uptown Bonifacio, there is a wide selection of restaurants and food hubs that will make your celebrations extraordinarily special. 

An exciting new food destination at Uptown Bonifacio, Nono’s (UGF Uptown Mall, 0977 121 5565) serves heartwarming comfort food, cakes, and savory treats. For the uninitiated, try their classic Homestyle Chicken and Waffles, that will make anyone feel warm with the complementing flavors of gravy and honey. 
Have a memorable dining experience at Barcino (GF Uptown Parade, 0926 641 0457) with authentic Spanish cuisine, a warm atmosphere, and outstanding service. Barcino is known for their array of Sangrias, which complements their pastas, paella, tapas, and others.

Take mom to a brunch feast at Wildflour (GF Uptown Ritz,0917 636 7957). They have all kinds of pastries from waffles to cakes to cronuts. But there’s also no shortage of full meals like their rice bowls, rotisserie chicken, pasta, risotto — and so much more. Dine in here and you’ll never run out of choices! 
The European Diner 

Let mom eat to her heart’s content at the vast delectable choices at The European Diner (GF Uptown Mall, 0927 762 3906). TED is a destination for Italian, Spanish, and Greek cuisines — perfect for moms who like to explore. Start with their Jamon Croquetas, then try their Seafood Souvlaki for the main course. Complete the meal with their lineup of wines!
Denny’s (GF Uptown Parade, 0956 981 8644) is open 24/7 so you can celebrate anytime! This American diner serves their Signature Slams sets, Pancakes, Wings, Salads, Burgers, Pastas, and even Filipino breakfast favorites like Arroz Caldo, Garlic Smoked Bangus, and more delicious meals.
For moms who love a Korean feast, Samgyuniku is a food paradise. The restaurant offers packages depending on the size of your family, which already include beef, pork, and an abundance of side dishes.  
Wow Cow Hot Pot
Take the hot pot experience to another level by dining at Wow Cow Fresh Beef Hot Pot (GF Uptown Parade, 0975 315 3565). Moms will love the hand-cut premium beef and fresh veggies steaming in soup bases.  The Chinese restaurant also offers yummy appetizers, mouthwatering grilled dishes, and traditional Chinese delicacies.
Comfort food favorites
If the family is craving for comfort food, Uptown Bonifacio has some of the best picks in the metro! With great quality and fresh ingredients Pizza Express (UGF Uptown Mall, 0917 710 1567), crafts the finest pizza selections. We recommend Margherita, Fiorentina, and Lava. You can never go wrong with tasty wings! Buffalo Wild Wings (4F The Deck, 0915 690 0326) has an interesting range of flavors, from Sweet BBQ, to Asian Zing, to Carolina Reaper. Some of us have grown fond of Italian dishes like pasta and pizza. If mom’s comfort food is Italian, Mamma Mia (UGF Uptown Mall, 0920 554 0329) is serving heartwarming Italian recipes that suit the Filipino palate. 

Flavor Adventure
If you’re still undecided where to take mom, a steak place is always a classic option. Dine at Mgyuu Steaks (UGF One Uptown, 0928 796 1369), and enjoy their Japanese Saga Wagyu or American Prime Ribeye Steak which you can pair with lobster tail with lemon butter sauce. Sizzled to perfection, every dish in their menu is as special and luxurious as can be. Say “buon giorno” to Neapolitan cuisine at Salvatore Cuomo (GF Uptown Parade, 0922 410 6623)! Moms deserve the best and Salvatore Cuomo serves filling meals like the Pesce Espada Alla Pizzaiolla or the Lingua Di Manzo Con Salsa Al Tartufo, which are best paired with wine.
Does your mom love some spice? Make her try Thai cuisine from Easy, Tiger! Let your taste buds travel the streets of Bangkok through various delicacies like Pad See Ew, Pandan Chicken, Sticky Rice with Mango, and more. Dimsum party? Why not. Tim Ho Wan (UGF Uptown Mall, 0917 596 3510) is your best bet for a diverse selection of dimsums, from seafood, pork, and vegetable flavored. 

For elevated Filipino cuisine, book a table at El Corazon (2F Uptown Mall, 0977 834 0094). They have everything from Crispy Hito to Grilled Tuna Belly, to pork dishes like Sizzling Bulalo Steak and U.S. Angus Beef Steak Tagalog. But if you’re looking for a twist to your favorite local dishes, Sentro 1771 (UGF Uptown Mall, 0917 814 7794) serves up a succulent fare with a touch of Western and Asian influences. 
For more information, you may contact the Uptown Bonifacio Concierge at (02) 8462 8888. 
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