A new way to enjoy ensaymada

Katherine’s Café’s ensaymadas can now be enjoyed by dipping it with warm, rich and creamy Malagos chocolate sauce.

The well-loved soft, moist and cheesy ensaymada has been part of the traditional Filipino pastry since the Spanish era and is not to be missed in menus of any cafes around the country.Throughout the years, ensaymadas are no longer just enjoyed with butter and sugar. Nowadays, everyone can find different versions of it – some add ube or purple yam, caramel or even salted egg.

To change things up and make Filipinos’ taste buds delight in new discovery, Katherine’s Café has launched a new way to enjoy the classic favorite ensaymada.With their “Ensaymadness,” customers can dip in or smother it with warm, rich and creamy Malagos Chocolate sauce locally sourced from Davao farms.

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“All Filipinos love ensaymada and you can find it anywhere. Recently, when we having the yearly review and we were talking about our bestseller, we noticed that ensaymada was one of the best. So I was thinking what can we do to make the ensaymada something new to it. So we added to our menu this ‘Ensaymadness’ campaign,” Abby Borja, Katherine’s Café Markerting Director, told The Manila Times in an interview.A match made in heaven, the toasty savory cheddar cheese topping the ensaymada combines so well with the bittersweet Malagos. According to Borja, their team tried to craft several versions before finally coming up with the perfect melted Malagos chocolate.”We have another type of ensyamada which is the Quezo de bola but it does not compliment well with the Malagos chocolate. The cheddar, on the other hand, really goes well. Pair it with your favorite hot or cold coffee, you’ll surely have a great day” Borja mentioned.”For the dip, we had three tries with our chef. The first one was a bit too sweet; it overpowers the Malagos taste and you don’t taste the bitterness anymore. The second one was too bitter; it was just plain bitter chocolate that’s melted and the texture was a bit watery. But the third one, finally, it’s really the perfect balance of bitter and sweet and when you dip it with the ensaymada, perfect combination! And to make sure the chocolate consistency is creamy and warm, it is served in a warmer as it adds comfort when you heat it up,” she added.

Katherine’s Café used to purchase the Malagos chocolate for their drinks from a third party. But after planning to come up with this product, their team started purchasing directly from Malagos in Davao in order to support local farmers.
“This is also about supporting local farmers because we do have a Malagos hot chocolate in our menu already but we were thinking of incorporating that into other dishes. Hence, use it as a dip for the ensaymada,” Borja said, adding that they are planning to have it as a gift item in the coming holiday season.Aside from their bestselling ensaymadas, visitors of Katherine’s Café can enjoy the homey ambiance of the store. With bright and cheerful interiors, a warm mix of indoor plants and modern accessories, one will definitely feel at ease as soon as they step in.”For Katherine’s Café, the concept is really to bring families together. As soon as you’re greeted outside, they will welcome you saying, ‘Welcome home to Katherine’s Café!’ Our ambiance is very homey, warm and our dishes and ambiance will remind them of everything they love about comfort home-cooking which is made even better with a gourmet twist. So from appetizers all the way to desserts, it’s really something that you would want whether you’re sad, something that can comfort you or just simply you want to enjoy with your family,” Borja enthused.

“Recently, we noticed that there are a lot of events being booked here as well because during the pandemic, there’s only intimate gatherings and they don’t really celebrate big. So, we had several intimate weddings here, baptism, baby shower reason why we also want to push for that, for our clients to feel like they can celebrate their milestones here with us,” she added.Visit Katherine’s Café at Glorietta 3, Vertis North Quezon City, Ayala Malls Manila Bay and their newest branch in Alabang town Center.