ARMY concerned about Jimin’s lack of BTS group activities

TRIALThe anthological album “BTS” will be released in June. It’s a collection of tracklists from BTS members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook – for the past nine years, including three new titles. Big Hit aka HYBE slowly unveiled the tracklist of Trial in the last few days, and ARMY were absolutely in disbelief on the reveal of the most recent tracklist.

The wait for the release of demo versions of some of their biggest singles is intense. However, fans noted that most of Jimin’s work was left off the list. Jimin appears to be represented only by the track Tony Montana. However, that is a song by Agust D (the alter ego of group mate Suga).

Not only that, Jimin isn’t even credited for composing his part of the song, at least according to the tracklist. Only Agust D, Pdogg and Supreme Boi are listed as writers and producers. This, of course, did not go well with ARMY, who are OT7’s busiest fans.

An ARMY wrote online: “All BTS members have solo demo versions included on CD3’s Trial. Jimin did it too to promisethe most listened to song in Soundcloud and you do not recognize, [it] deserves to be on an album! “

to promise was Jimin’s first solo single and broke a record previously held by rapper Drake for most streams in the first 24 hours.

BTS ARMY have expressed their concerns with Big Hit Entertainment using the hashtag #BeFairToJimin. BTS fans believe that several acts performed by the agency have led to its “neglect”. The ARMY also believes that Jimin deserves better treatment for his successes.

Jimin recently released his first original soundtrack (OST). The singer collaborated with former Wanna One member Ha Sung-woon on the song With youwhich was released as part of Netflix’s K-drama soundtrack Our blues. Fans were upset that his OST was not advertised as a duet and that the release date was placed at an unsuitable time, placing him at a significant graph disadvantage.

There are also many other reasons behind the growing Twitter hashtag #BeFairToJimin. Fans recalled how they only found out that Jimin had composed the tune Blood sweat and tears after Jin revealed it. ARMY also mentioned how she wanted to perform filter during their concerts but it was not allowed.

Jimin and HYBE have yet to respond to the situation.