Audio Company Anniversary Events: audio technica anniversary

“Audio-Technica”, the Japanese transducer manufacturer, has announced a worldwide series of Audio-Technica anniversary events to celebrate the brand’s 60th year in business. Audio-Technica was founded in Japan in 1962 by Mideo Matsushita, who started the business with the “AT-1” analog cartridge, followed shortly after by the “AT-3” cartridge. The company’s 60th anniversary falls on April 17, 2022. On this date, the company will honor its roots focused on analog audio.

As a love letter to fans of the brand and a continuation of its “audio for all” philosophy, Audio-Technica has announced a series of celebratory events around the world. These events will focus on the fun, appreciation and importance of analog audio and analog life. Audio-Technica president Kazuo Matsushita, son of Mideo, noted that audio “begins as a simple vibration” and “results in an emotional connection”.

Image credit: Audio Technica