Benedict Cumberbatch, “SNL” cast members wear support for Roe v. Wade on their hearts

Live Saturday night” guest Benedict “Dr. Strange” Cumberbatch and cast members gave another blast of support for Roe v. Wade at the end of the program, wearing T-shirts that read “1973” – the year the Supreme Court passed the groundbreaking ruling recognizing women’s right to abortion.

Minutes earlier, Arcade Fire singer Win Butler, whose guitar sported a 1973 sticker, had proclaimed, “Women’s right to choose forever and ever, amen” at the end of the song “The Lightning”.

Make “your nine, leave it on the sidewalk. Wrap it up like a little Moses, put it in a basket, send it down the creek. … It’s simple,” McKinnon smiled smugly.

What is “more traumatic?” she asked. “Safely terminate an early pregnancy or give birth to a baby that you will never see again because you put him on a Ferris wheel?”