Bindi Irwin’s baby girl loves watching videos of her late grandfather

IN In the blink of an eye, the late Steve Irwin’s daughter, Bindi Irwin, is now 23 and has a daughter named Grace Warrior. Bindi and her husband Chandler Powell had their baby daughter in March 2021 and Grace is now 13 months old.

In this week People magazine cover story, Bindi shared how her little girl loves watching her late Crocodile Hunter grandfather’s television programs.

He explained: “We have so many documentaries about dad and we always play them for Grace. It’s so fun to see her study it. I didn’t realize how much her father’s passion for life and her animated facial expressions had fascinated her. “

After becoming internationally famous for his wildlife documentary television series The crocodile hunterSteve was diving with stingrays for an underwater movie called The deadliest in the ocean when he died on September 4, 2006, at the age of 44. At the time, Bindi was only eight years old.

Now the Woh! They are the Irwins star and her 25-year-old husband are raising their child at the Australian zoo where they live and work alongside Bindi’s mother, Terri Irwin and brother Robert Clarence Irwin. Bindi has always stressed that she wants to continue in her father’s footsteps and pick up where she left off.

“I definitely see dad in Grace, especially her determination and her inability to sit still,” said Bindi, adding how excited she is to see how her daughter’s personality will develop as she grows up.

“If there had been dad, honestly, we would never have seen her. He would be in love. She would just have her do everything with him. We would only see her if she needed a meal and then she would leave again. “

Bindi talked about how her father is still a part of their daily life. “He is so adorable that without him knowing, he was creating the most wonderful TV show for our daughter.”

Bindi recounted how her daughter stared at Steve’s videos in complete and utter fascination. “He clings to every word he says. Whether it’s a crocodile or a spider, she thinks it’s great. “