camp k12: the ed-tech startup Camp K12 launches Metaverse and the AR / VR creation platform for children

New Delhi: Field K12to edtech to boot building a global online school for 21st century skills launched Hatch Kids, a metaverse and AR / VR creation platform for young learners.

Hatch Kids is a free online 3D creation platform for children aged 6-18 to design, program and publish 3D games, Augmented Reality (AR) apps, interactive virtual reality (VR) worlds, and metaverse experiences without any preliminary design or code Experience.

Over the past 6 months, the platform has grown organically to over 1.1 million users in 150 countries through schools, governments and and tech partnership, with 75% of consumption coming from the USA and Canada. Other major geographies include the UK, Australia, and India. Students have created more than 3.6 million projects on the platform to date, in the classroom and beyond.

Speaking of Hatch’s vision, Camp K12 co-founder and CEO Anshul Bhagi said:

“There are over 100 million children’s programmers out there today who use a variety of free coding platforms to learn to code by creating games and apps. These platforms are incredibly effective and set the stage for the coding movement of children starting in 2007, however the vast majority of are limited to creating 2D designs, built for the era of smartphones and flat screens. As technologies such as AR and VR become mainstream, we need to update the tools children learn on and on which Educators Teach for Modern Use Cases and Content We created Hatch as a children’s coding platform for the metaverse era. We want to give over 100 million children their first AR / VR creation experience and self-confidence to be builders in the inevitable future of mixed reality rather than passive consumers of it. ”

The platform is also used by over 100 ed-tech schools and companies in North America, the Middle East, India and Europe to make AR / VR creation accessible to children.

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Camp K12 predicts Hatch Kids will exceed 2 million MAUs by December 2022, due to high student demand from students, as well as partnerships with over 1,500 schools, ed-techs and other government entities around the world.

K12 camp is home to over 400,000 students across North America, the Middle East, and India, and the latest has grown
12 million dollars by Elevation Capital and Matrix Partners India.

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