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“Be considerate. Be bold. Be fair. Be unique.” Wise business acumen coming from the vibrant and tenacious Cecille Bravo who celebrated her 55th birthday at The Cove at Okada Hotel Manila.She transported her guests to a tropical state of mind via an indoor Hawaiian party. The aloha fiesta was graced by family, relatives and friends who danced and tiki’d the night away. With her loving husband Pete and children Maricris, Miguel, Jeru and Matthew by her side, guests happily and safely mingled with each other as the alert level was relaxed in Manila.

Cecille Bravo

CHS Group Atty. Liz Besas, Neriza Vicente, Liza Naguit (second row) Ching Abraham(standing) Mel Perez, Bo Sanchez, Gigi Sta Ana, Ophelia Labuguen, Cay Sicam

Geraldine Lacaste, Neah Collados, Cecille Bravo, Gina Gaspar and Mae Trinidad

Judy Concepcion Cabrera, Maripol Castro Gaddi, Dra. Tetchie Baez, Judy Marteja Tinsay, Amelia Garcia Sillano, Christina Santos and Cecille Bravo

Maricris, Cecille,Pete, Miguel, Jeru and Mathew Bravo

Marlyn Manaid Tiangco, Christian Tria and CJ Lising

Patrick Tinio, Romell, Zheena Eleria, Mutya Martinez, Minnie Nieto, Maro and Ferdie

Raoul Barbosa and Wilbert Tolentino

Richard Hinola and Virgie Monton

Entrepreneurship was already deeply ingrained in Cecille’s psyche at an early age by her enterprising parents. Their spare parts and heavy equipment store in Quiapo became Cecille’s learning playground for her big dreams later in life. She became a part of the telecom company, Intele Builders and Development Corporation, after her husband established it in 1986 after the EDSA Revolution. As Vice President for Administration and Finance, she became the soft heart of the company thereby earning her a nickname of “Godmother.” Through her dedication and care, she strives hard to give the best to her stakeholders and especially to her employees. Her philanthropic efforts go beyond the walls of the company as her generous nature has also benefitted those who need help the most.A woman of faith, Cecille attributes her success to God and her husband’s brilliant ingenuity. They are blessed to have gone this far after numerous struggles in their professional life, including the pandemic. They remain humble, simple and inspired amidst their company’s recognition and fame.

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