Efficient scalable solar panels: perovskia solar

“Perovskia Solar”, a Swiss-based clean tech startup focused on solar energy technology, has created an ultra-efficient and versatile solar panel. The solar panels are made using the power of Perovskia as a semiconductor, which results in a noticeable improvement over traditional solar panel designs. First, Perovskia-based solar panels can be built in almost any size or shape. Secondly, these panels have a high energy conversion efficiency, which means they produce a high degree of electricity even in low light situations.

This combination of scalability and efficiency means that Perovskia Solar’s solar panels fit perfectly into any form of technology, from a small smart wearable to a full-sized car or home electrical system. The company has focused on flexibility and compatibility when designing these panels to ensure they fit as many devices as possible.

Image credit: Solar Perovskia